Top 12 Most Romantic Getaways in SC Mountains (2024)

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Welcome to the romantic hideaways of the SC mountains, where every moment feels like a dream come true. From cozy inns to luxurious resorts, these mountain towns offer the perfect setting for a romantic escape. Whether you’re seeking quiet moments by the fireplace or thrilling adventures in nature, the SC mountains have it all. 

Join us as we explore SC mountain resorts for romantic Getaways and intimate getaways in SC mountains town, and discover the magic of romantic getaways in SC mountains. 

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12 Most Romantic Getaways in SC Mountains 

We have come up with the 12 most romantic getaways in the SC Mountains that you must visit when you visit South Carolina for a romantic escape.

#1 Charleston

For couples seeking romantic getaways in the SC Mountains, Charleston offers a perfect mix of history and adventure. Explore the city’s old mansions and monuments with a walking tour or a romantic carriage ride. Paddle a boat in Cypress Gardens, surrounded by lilies, violets, camellias, and spot seasonal birds, turtles, and alligators. Relax at Charleston Waterfront Park or enjoy a dinner cruise for a cosy evening.

For those looking for romantic escapes in SC mountains, couples retreats in South Carolina mountains provide beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings, making them ideal for a romantic and relaxing getaway. 

  • Special Features: Historic charm, romantic carriage rides, waterfront dining.
  • Location: Situated in the Southeast of the South Carolina mountains.
  • Distance: Approximately 2 hours from Greenville.
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#2 Blue Ridge Mountain 

Blue Ridge Mountain is one of the most beautiful regions where people can go for tourist attractions because of the mountaintop view, beautiful railway tracks, and small log house; it is perfect for honeymoons. Another activity that couples can engage themselves in is going for a nature walk in the forests or simply taking a break in a mountain cabin without having to engage in any physical activity. 

Blue Ridge Mountain is one of the quiet and serene places located in the northwestern region of South Carolina and is ideal for any individual who wishes to take a break and enjoy their free time. 

It is a chance to leave the everyday hustle and step into a romantically calm world where a person can freely move between wandering narrow paths and cosying up in front of a fireplace after a long day’s work. Mountain getaways for couples in SC and romantic cabins in SC mountains offer the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, inviting couples to unwind and reconnect amidst the tranquil beauty of nature.

#3 Aiken

Aiken can be considered a charming town with much history and a great love of horses, and there is none other than a romantic weekend, having been able to spend it in the mountains in South Carolina. The area has historical homes, pretty gardens, and unique shops where people can wander with their best friends.

Take a romantic carriage ride through Hitchcock Woods, one of America’s largest urban forests, or visit the Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame. For peaceful relaxation at its best—romantic getaway—southern charm meets quietness! 

It is located in western South Carolina. You do not have to drive far from the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains if you want some relaxation mixed with adventure during your time with your beloved partner. These are the features that make it the best romantic getaway in SC Mountain.

  • Special Features: Quaint downtown, equestrian culture, scenic gardens.
  • Location: South Carolina, USA
  • Distance: Approximately 1.5 hours from Greenville. 
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#4 Greenville

Greenville is a place for everyone: food lovers, open-air devotees, art fans, and historical buffs. Dwell in the core of downtown, where there are numerous attractions. Explore Falls Park on the Reedy with its calm gardens and forceful waterfalls for an unforgettable experience. Cycle along the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail, which crosses 20 miles of picturesque landscape. 

Paris Mountain State Park also gives opportunities to have fun outdoors by providing awesome views and adventurous activities in South Carolina. Try not to miss being served at Dark Corner Distillery, which has lasted for 175 years. Greenville is a vibrant tapestry of experiences waiting to be uncovered, promising unforgettable moments at every turn.

Discover the magic of romantic getaways in SC mountains, where cosy hideaways in South Carolina mountains and romantic inns in SC mountain towns await. Escape to secluded retreats nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, where every moment is infused with romance and tranquillity.

  • Special Features: Picturesque parks, waterfall hikes, charming downtown.
  • Location: South Carolina, USA
  • Distance: N/A (since it’s the focal point).
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  • Website :

#5 Folly Beach

Go to the beach’s serene beaches for a romantic honeymoon escape. As you walk hand in hand on the sandy, white shores, watching the sun go down beyond the distant horizon in a spectacular kaleidoscope of colour will make one feel like it’s happening again right now. Whether they want to kayak or surf together or just relax under an umbrella while listening to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, beach vacationers can take advantage of these different water sports options with loved ones nearby during this amazing time spent near the waves! 

Folly Beach streets are full of quaint shops and quaint restaurants, with their waterfronts alive with sailboats. Folly Beach has fresh seafood for couples who would like to hold hands over a candlelit dinner on any oceanfront balcony. For those seeking a change of scenery, romantic lodgings in the South Carolina mountains offer cosy retreats amidst breathtaking landscapes, providing the perfect setting for intimate getaways in the SC mountains.

  • Special Features: Relaxed atmosphere, surfing, beachfront dining.
  • Location: South Carolina, USA
  • Distance: Approximately 2 hours from Greenville 
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#6 The Red Horse Inn

The Red Horse Inn offers a chance to become romantic in the arms of nature. Leave your daily life behind and escape to this magical place that combines rural charm with ageless grace. Walk through picturesque gardens holding hands or sit together near the crackling flames in the fireplace. 

Love is present at every turn and in every minute spent here. The Red Horse Inn has an intimate atmosphere, and it is situated away from people, making it the perfect place for couples to go on a romantic vacation. Allow the tranquillity of this lovely inn house to light up fires of romance and make moments that will be dear forever.

Location : 45 Winstons Chase Ct, Landrum, SC 29356, United States

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#7 Montage Palmetto Bluff

At Montage Palmetto Bluff, they create an impression of a fairytale romance at every step. The May River ensures that love thrives in a calm environment. It can be well imagined how comfortable it can be when murmuring forests and gentle breezes from rivers surround one. Celebrate love with candlelit dinners under starry skies and enjoy deliciously prepared meals specially made for you. 

You could also spend your days walking hand-in-hand along scenic pathways or lazily gliding down waterways on private canoes. Finally, upon sunset, you may take off into couples massage sessions at the spa or just relax, conversing silently as you watch flames dance around through the firelight.

  • Special Features: Luxury resort, Lowcountry landscapes, outdoor adventures.
  • Location: 477 Mt Pelia Rd, Bluffton, SC 29910, United States
  • Distance: Approximately 4 hours from Greenville.
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#8 Myrtle Beach 

Beach Myrtle is a place of sun—it’s an adventure and relaxation retreat for couples only. In the morning, take a leisurely walk with your partner along the shore, holding hands while the waves kiss your feet. Don’t forget to plan for other exciting activities as a couple! Try out renting a tandem kayak and go through the calm water system, viewing hidden bays and spotting animals on its banks. Or just opt to go jet skiing, feeling the wind in your hair as you speed across glistening waters.

As the night approaches, slip off to the couple’s spa session or just relax by the fireplace, engulfed in the comfort of each other’s presence. The spectacular scenery of Montage Palmetto Bluff provides the right atmosphere for couples to fall in love all over again in a place that guarantees memories worth cherishing.

#9 Pawley Island

Imagine a romantic trip where every moment looks like a picture taken from a fairy tale. At Palmetto, love thrives within the tranquil May River environs. See yourselves as if tucked away in luxury lodgings amidst murmuring woods and balmy river winds. 

Dine together privately under a sky full of stars with delicacies that skilled chefs have cautiously prepared; enjoy days while strolling hand-in-hand on picturesque trails or simply floating along private canoes on waterways; finally, at sunset, escape to a spa for a massage or relax next to a flickering firelight, holding one another without talking about anything else. 

The Montage Palmetto Bluff is a perfect place for romance that will always make unforgettable memories. Find cosy hideaways in the South Carolina mountains, close to the charm of Pawleys Island. Enjoy romantic getaways in the SC mountains for a perfect escape.

  • Special Features: Laid-back vibe, historic plantations, pristine beaches.
  • Location: Seaside town along the Grand Strand.
  • Distance: Approximately 4.5 hours from Greenville.
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#10 Sullivan’s Island

This Island is magnificent, very romantic, and ideal for couples who are visiting on holiday. Beautiful beaches and prehistoric sites make this Island one of the most Romantic Getaways in the SC mountains for couples to spend their quiet time. Take a swim in the sand in the area, check out the imposing Fort Moultrie, or have an excellent seafood meal right at the beach.

It has favourable tropical weather, welcoming and warm people, and stunning tourist attractions, making it ideal for tourism and honeymooning. Sullivan’s Island is located approximately ten miles southwest of downtown Charleston and offers the couple the views, atmosphere of Southeast’s coast, and hospitality that would give them what they need—solitary or thrill, whichever they wanted at the moment they were in need.

  • Special Features: Quiet beaches, historic sites, ocean views.
  • Location: Barrier Island near Charleston.
  • Distance: Approximately 2 hours from Greenville.
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#11 Harbourview Inn 

Harbourview Inn is one of the top boutique hotels in Charleston that offers its guests posh, romantic accommodations. Filled with splendid features, such as an excellent location near the water and beautifully designed rooms, it’s ideal for couples. 

For breakfast, there is a complimentary continental breakfast on the rooftop terrace with an excellent view of Charleston Harbor. It is easily accessible to Waterfront Park and areas that sell food and other necessities as well. Harbourview Inn is simply perfect, as it combines a contemporary vibe with touches of Charleston’s history. If you choose to spend your romantic vacations in the SC mountains, then you must also visit this wonderful coastal inn, as they give you the best of South Carolina.

At Harbourview Inn, enjoy a cosy escape that feels just like the intimate lodges in the SC mountains, promising one of the most romantic getaways in the SC Mountains for the serene beauty.

  • Special Features: Boutique hotel, elegant accommodations, harbour views.
  • Location: 2 Vendue Range, Charleston, SC 29401, United States
  • Distance: Approximately 2 hours from Greenville.
  • Google Map : Get Direction

#12 Hilton Head 

Hilton Head is among the most Romantic getaways in SC Mou, providing high-end seashore islands with world-class golf courses and remarkable beaches. Of course, this place is meant to target couples in their activities, like dinner cruises, wine tours at Hilton Head Island Winery or Silver Dew Winery in Daufuskie Island, or horseback riding on the immeasurable pristine beaches.

Outdoor enthusiasts may also explore Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge or Sea Pines Forest. The day can end in romance with a Hilton Head Sunset Dolphin Watching Cruise. South Carolina’s natural beauty sets the scene for any amour—an afternoon picnic at the park, an amble along the beach, or just being together in an activity that shows romance is about being together.

Romantic and quiet getaways in the South Carolina mountains will offer intimate lodges and other things. These mountain escapes provide stunning scenery and tranquil surroundings, making them ideal for couples looking to connect and relax. Couples’ weekend escape in the SC mountains and intimate getaways in the SC mountain towns promise a secluded retreat where couples can create cherished memories amidst the serene beauty of nature.

  • Special Features: World-class golf, stunning beaches, dinner cruises, wine tours, horseback riding, wildlife exploration, and sunset dolphin watching.
  • Location: Situated off the coast of South Carolina, near Savannah, Georgia.
  • Distance: Approximately 2 hours by car.
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  • Website :

What is the best time to visit Romantic Getaways in the SC Mountains?

The best time to visit romantic getaways in the SC mountains is typically during the spring and fall seasons. Autumn is much cooler, and you can still see the colourful fall foliage. There is also significantly less traffic, making it ideal for outdoor activities like hikes, picnics, or scenic drives. 

Also, there is an increased attractiveness of mountain resorts during these seasons, in addition to the availability of special offers and promotions created to boost the romantic aspect. But if you are more into activities such as skiing or if you like staying indoors and enjoying a fireplace, winter is also a lovely time to be at the park. In conclusion, the best time of the year depends on the couple themselves and what kind of romantic experience they expect.

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In closing, SC mountain resorts offer the ideal spot for romantic getaways, where couples can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of South Carolina mountain romance. Whether tucked away in quaint mountain towns or secluded among the peaks, these intimate getaways promise an unforgettable escape. 

With stunning views, cost accommodations, and plenty of opportunities for adventure and relaxation, romantic getaways in SC Mountains invite couples to reconnect and make lasting memories. So, why not plan your own romantic retreat amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the South Carolina mountains?

Some FAQs

What is the best time to visit the Romantic Geyaways in SC Mountains?

The most appropriate time to visit is relative to personal tastes but is best during spring and autumn, as the weather is moderate and the environment is very romantic for couples.

What are some activities that attract couples? 

The main attractions are trails for hiking and picnicking, car tours, horseback riding and winery tours, and, intimate dinners with a view of the mountains.

Are there any Romantic Accommodations in SC Mountains?

Indeed, there are many romantic places like wood cabins, bed and breakfasts, luxurious hotels, and intimate lodges in mountainous regions.

What should couples bring when going to have a romantic time in the SC mountains? 

Some of these are clothes and shoes appropriate for outdoor activities, extra clothing for different weathers, protection from the sun and bugs, a camera for taking pictures, and any other items that may be needed for nighttime with the couple.

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