Hikes in Sedona Perfect Beginners for 2024

Cathedral Rock Trail

Cathedral Rock stands out as one of the premier hikes in Sedona. Despite its brevity, this trail packs a punch with its rock scrambling sections and awe-inspiring views.

West Fork Trail

Oak Creek Canyon on this scenic hike in Sedona. The West Fork Trail is easy and takes you through lush plants, clear water, and amazing views of tall cliffs.

Airport Loop Trail

The Airport Loop Trail hike in Sedona goes around the top edge of the mesa. On this hike in Sedona, you can see famous landmarks like Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, and more.

Bear Mountain Trail

This mountain was really tough for few. It felt long and hard, especially if you went for the easy one previously it might take the whole day to hike up.

Wilson Canyon Trail

The slight elevation gain and the shade make this trial perfect Hikes in Sedona for a leisure hike in Sedona with the family. This is probably one of the best hikes for small children on this list.

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