Nature love Hikes In Acadia National Park

Ocean Path

Hike Ocean Path, the trail that runs along Acadia’s scenic coastline from the Sand Beach to Otter Point.  It’s literally a perfect place to start your trip no matter your hiking experience level, and it would be great fun with family and it’s dog friendly, too!

Cadillac Mountain

Walk along the surface of Cadillac Summit Loop Trail that goes around the top Hikes in Acadia.  You can enjoy different views from different spots and read informational signs to learn more about the area and its surroundings.

Precipice Trail

The Precipice Trail is another tough hikes in Acadia National Park, and it’s quite popular despite the fact of being dangerous.  If you are someone who wants adventure then, ready to put in effort,

Beehive and Bowl Trail

This hikes in Acadia is very popular and starts near Sand Beach. It offers amazing views of the shoreline and mountains.

Great Head Trail

the coastline and Sand Beach. Start hiking at the far end of Sand Beach, near some granite steps. You might need to cross a small stream that goes into the ocean.  At the top hikes in Acadia of the steps, go right to a rocky area where you can take pictures of Sand Beach from above.

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