Top 5 Adventure Theme Parks In California 2024

Universal Studios Hollywood

The silver screen and the magic of Hollywood at Universal Studios Hollywood will make you ride into the life of your dreams and something that you were always looking for.

Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is a place  for family-friendly fun in a kind of  theme park that started as a roadside berry stand in the 1920s. Now covering 160 acres.

Disneyland Resort Anaheim

While Disneyland is famous for its enchanting atmosphere, it also boasts some high-thrill attractions.The original Disney resort is always perfect for kids and families.

Raging Waters Sacramento

Beat the California heat at Raging Waters Sacramento, the state’s largest waterpark. Raft down the 60-foot-tall Deranged drop slide, race your friends on the high-speed Lightning Falls.

Pacific Park - Santa Monica Pier

The West Coaster and Pacific Plunge offer a thrilling experience against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

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