12 Best Things to Do in Huntsville AL in 2024

Things to Do in Huntsville AL
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Huntsville, Alabama, is a wonderful city full of historic buildings and stunning natural areas. With top tourist attractions like the Harmony Park Safari and U.S. Space & Rocket Center In every direction, Alabama is the third-largest city that also makes a great choice for traveling families. 

There are plenty of things to do in Huntsville AL. With Various restaurants worth revisiting, arts and cultural things to write home about, and outdoor activities perfect for adventures, the city makes for a great weekend trip. Check out to find out about a few fun things to do in Huntsville AL on your upcoming visit.

Best Things to Do in Huntsville AL in 2024

1. A while at Yellowhammer Brewing

Things to Do in Huntsville

For a taste of locally brewed goodness, head over to Yellowhammer Brewing located on Clinton Ave W. Their taproom and lounge offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy premium ales and lagers. Yellowhammer takes inspiration from Belgian and German brewing traditions, adding a Southern twist to their brews. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and savor some exceptional beverages on a laid-back afternoon and one of fun things to do in Huntsville AL.

Website: yellowhammerbrewery.com

Address: 2600 Clinton Ave W, Huntsville, AL

2. Craft Beer Trail

Things to Do in Huntsville

Huntsville boasts a thriving craft beer scene with its own beer trail. You can use the map to hop from one location to another, including Green Bus Brewing and Rocket Republic Brewing. Rocket Republic offers live music and event space, along with regional favorites like Rocktoberfest and Vapor Trail on tap. At Green Bus, check the tap board for a variety of beers, ciders, slushies, and kombucha and enjoy one of the best  fun things to do in Huntsville AL. 

3. Relax with a Drink at a Cocktail Bar or Pub

Huntsville offers a variety of drinking spots, ranging from sleek to cozy and it is a must fun things to do in Huntsville AL. For open-air vibes, check out The Bar at 805; for craft beers, head to The Brass Tap. Pourhouse at Stovehouse offers a cozy atmosphere, while The Martin Bar & Bistro is perfect for drinks and food. For a laid-back experience with pub games, visit Pints and Pixels. And don’t miss Catacomb 435 speakeasy, where you can enjoy craft cocktails in a 1920s-inspired setting.

4. Shop, Learn, and Eat at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment

Things to Do in Huntsville

Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment is located in a renovated historic textile mill, serving as a vibrant hub for creativity. It features numerous galleries and studios where you can witness artists at work in various mediums such as bookbinding, glass, ceramics, jewelry-making, painting, photography, sculpture, and textiles. Visitors can explore the creative process and shop for unique items while enjoying live music performances. To have all-in-one experience and fun things to do in Huntsville AL, then this is a must. 

Website: lowemill.art

Address: 2211 Seminole Dr SW, Huntsville, AL

5. Explore Interstellar Phenomena at The U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Things to Do in Huntsville AL

This city boasts a strong connection to space exploration. The U.S. Space & Rocket Center, affiliated with the Smithsonian, is a major attraction. Serving as the visitors center for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, it showcases galleries and exhibits detailing the history and technology of U.S. space flight. It’s also where Space Camp takes place. Visitors can enjoy virtual reality programs and simulators, making a visit to this museum an unforgettable thing to do in Huntsville, AL.

Website: rockcenter.com

Address: One Tranquility Base, Huntsville, AL 

6. Admire the Flowers at the Huntsville Botanical Garden 

The Huntsville Botanical Garden is a delightful destination year-round, especially during spring when the flowers are in full bloom. Spanning 118 acres, it offers public green spaces like the Bush Azalea Trail, Purdy Butterfly House, and Damson Aquatic Garden. In addition to stunning gardens, the garden hosts special events, educational programs, and plant sales throughout the year, making it a wonderful place to explore fun things to do in Huntsville AL.

Website: hsvbg.org

Address: 4747 Bob Wallace Ave SW, Huntsville, AL

7. the Huntsville Museum of Art 

Things to Do in Huntsville AL

Situated in Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville, The Huntsville Museum of Art features fourteen galleries housing a permanent collection of over 3,200 objects. While the collection encompasses various artistic periods and regions worldwide, it primarily highlights 19th and 20th-century American art. 

In addition to traditional mediums, the collection includes contemporary pieces made from wood, glass, metal, clay, and fiber, reflecting the museum’s diverse and evolving exhibits.  Visiting the Huntsville Museum of Art is one of the fun things to do in Huntsville AL.

Website: hsvmuseum.org

Address: 300 Church St SW, Huntsville, AL 

8. Venture Outdoors at Monte Sano State Park

Things to Do in Huntsville AL

After your space exploration, immerse yourself in nature at Monte Sano State Park, situated near Huntsville. The park offers lodging options including campgrounds and the Monte Sano Lodge. Dating back to the late 1800s, visitors have been drawn to Monte Sano for its fresh air, stunning views, and mineral springs. 

Spanning over 2,140 acres, the park boasts vibrant foliage in fall, blooming flowers in spring, and scenic overlooks perfect for admiring the northern Alabama landscape. Its is one of fun things to do in Huntsville AL.

Website: alapark.com

Address: 5105 SE Nolen Ave, Huntsville, AL

9. Experience Burritt on the Mountain

Things to Do in Huntsville AL

Perched atop Round Top Mountain, this historic home and park offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. Built in the 20th century as the residence of Dr. William Henry Burritt, the mansion now invites visitors to explore its architecture and museum through self-guided tours. Additionally, Burritt on the Mountain features nature trails throughout its grounds, perfect for peaceful strolls on sunny days. It is fun things to do in Huntsville AL for nature enthusiasts.

Website: burrittonthemountain.com

Address: 3101 Burritt Drive SE, Huntsville, AL

10. See a Concert at The Orion

Things to Do in Huntsville AL

Huntsville hosts many fantastic bands at The Orion Amphitheater, an 8,000-seat venue renowned for big musical events. In addition to concerts, The Orion offers outdoor screenings of family-friendly movies through events like Movies in the Meadow, along with various festivals throughout the year. Attending concerts is a must thing to do in Huntsville AL.

Website:  theorionhuntsville.com

Address: 701 Amphitheater Dr NW, Huntsville, AL

11. Take in a Show at the Von Braun Center

12 Best Things to Do in Huntsville AL in 2024

The Von Braun Center in Huntsville offers a wide range of entertainment options. Named after rocket pioneer Dr. Wernher Von Braun, it’s situated in downtown Huntsville and serves as a versatile venue for various events. 

From major conferences and conventions to concerts, Broadway performances, ballets, symphonies, and sporting events, the center caters to diverse interests. Be sure to check the calendar to see what’s currently happening and experience one of the fun things to do in Huntsville AL.

Website: vonbrauncenter.com

Address: 700 Monroe St SW, Huntsville, AL

12. Enjoy a Walk in Big Spring Park

Downtown Huntsville offers an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll at Big Spring International Park. Shaded sidewalks, serene fountains, and picturesque views of the city skyline await visitors. The park hosts various festivals and events, including the Panoply Arts Festival and Concerts in the Park. Don’t miss the charming ducks and geese that frequent the spring, adding to the park’s charm as they waddle beneath the blossoming cherry trees along the pathways.

Website: huntsville.org

Address: 200 Church St SW, Huntsville, AL


Huntsville, Alabama offers a diverse range of attractions and activities for all interests. Explore space at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, enjoy nature at Monte Sano State Park and Big Spring International Park, and delve into art at the Huntsville Museum of Art. Music enthusiasts can catch performances at The Orion Amphitheater and events at the Von Braun Center. With its rich history, lively cultural scene, and beautiful natural surroundings, Huntsville guarantees unforgettable and fun things to do in Huntsville AL for every visitor. 

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