12 Top Rated Things to do near Rockaway Beach, Oregon

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Explore the best things to do near Rockaway Beach Oregon. Rockaway Beach, Oregon, is a quite picturesque coastal town, and there are many things to do or explore in this place. There are many gorgeous nature trails, and one can even go horseback riding in Tillamook State Forest or go to the Garibaldi Maritime Museum for the historical side of Tillamook. 

Crabbing and clamming are fun at Nehalem Bay, or you can spend leisurely time on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. This is due to the evident natural attractions and the feel of the oceanic life that surrounds Rockaway Beach

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12 Best Things to Do near Rockaway Beach, Oregon 

Unlock the 12 best things to do near Rockaway Beach, Oregon- 

#1 Explore Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

Exploring Rockaway Beach is ideal if you love the simplicity of going to the beach, lying on the sand, or swimming. It has 7 miles of sandy shoreline to guarantee everyone can enjoy their time here to the fullest.

You can grab some food and spend the day at the beach while the children play sand castles and swim. Only leave your home by getting a frisbee or beach ball for friendly use during informal games. Ironically, your children feel thrilled when splashing on the waters of the Pacific and body surfing. Rockaway Beach is not just for sunbathing and swimming; there are lots of activities More best Things to do near Rockaway Beach, and it is the perfect place for fun moments.

  • Special Features: A charming coastal town with seven miles of sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, iconic Twin Rocks, various activities, and annual events like the Kite Festival and Pirate Festival.
  • Address: Rockaway Beach, OR 97136, USA
  • Distance from Rockaway Beach: Located itself 
  • Official Website: https://visitrockawaybeach.org/
  • Phone Number: (503) 355-2291
  • Google Maps : Get Direction

#2 Ride the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

Discover Rockaway Beach, Oregon attractions, including scenic train rides, sandy beaches, and the iconic Twin Rocks, for an unforgettable coastal experience. Hop on the famous Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad! These historic trains regularly travel through Rockaway Beach and Garibaldi, offering a scenic coastal journey.

The popularity of using the train as a mode of transport to Rockaway Beach started in the 1920s, with families being enthusiasts of this mode of transport. It was the primary way since culture, food, and identity over the mountains towards the beach for summer vacation with families.

The trip begins in Garibaldi, just south of Rockaway Beach, with several stops at the Wayside each weekend. Don’t miss this nostalgic and picturesque ride! It’s one of the many fun things to do near Rockaway Beach Oregon.

  • Special Features: Enjoy a scenic train ride along the Oregon coast with stunning ocean views.
  • Address: 402 American Ave, Garibaldi, OR 97118
  • Distance from Rockaway Beach: About 4 miles south
  • Official Website: https://www.oregoncoastscenic.org/
  • Phone Number: (503) 842-7972

#3 Twin Rock 

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

Twin Rocks are one sea stack that rises out of the water just off the coast of Rockaway Beach in Oregon, and the two iconic sea stacks have become the town emblem. These are gigantic structures formed by rocks, mainly found rising from the seashore, and are very conspicuous from the beaches.

This formation of rocks is among the most photographed here and is also among the favourite spots that most people love to be associated with. Regardless of the activities of sand castle building, kite flying, or even just taking a sun bath on the sands, Twin Rocks beautify the view of the beach. Exploring these landmarks is one of the exciting things to do near Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

  • Special Features: Twin sea stacks that are iconic landmarks of Rockaway Beach.
  • Address: Near the intersection of S Pacific St and SE 1st Ave, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136
  • Distance from Rockaway Beach: Located in Rockaway Beach
  • Official Website: https://visitrockawaybeach.org/
  • Phone Number: (503) 355-2291

#4 Tillamook Creamery

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

Tillamook Creamery, located at Rockaway Beach, Oregon, is a place of interest for them all! You can try delicious cheeses, for example, Tillamook cheddar, and find out how the cheeses are produced. They also offer neat hand-scooped ice cream in so many flavors as to suffice the dessert needs, especially on those hot days of the year. 

Yes, you can watch how it is made there; find the cheese production! There is also a gift shop where you can purchase unique souvenirs to take home with you. Overall, it’s a fun spot for everyone, especially families and cheese lovers. 

Tillamook Creamery’s other attractions include:

  • Cheese sampling and ice cream.
  • A glimpse of the cheese-making process.
  • Picturesque countryside surroundings.

That is why anybody who enjoys cheese and their families should visit Tillamook Creamery.

  • Special Features: A famous cheese factory with self-guided tours, tastings, and a cafe.
  • Address: 4165 N Hwy 101, Tillamook, OR 97141
  • Distance from Rockaway Beach: About 13 miles south
  • Official Website: https://www.tillamook.com/
  • Phone Number: (503) 815-1300

#5 Oswald West State Park

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

If you visit Oswald West State Park near Rockaway Beach, there are many things for kids to do and enjoy the outdoors! People can also go for hikes on trails amid forest cover and find quiet, secluded sandy beaches with beautiful views of the sea. 

Though the park is more popular for skiing, you can always take the risk of surfing on its cool waves. You should also pack some food to eat while taking a break in one of the many covered nooks. Just look for some animals, such as birds, or maybe, by chance, you can see a deer. 

Rockaway Beach and Oswald West State Park can provide more to families, friends, and adventure lovers, and they should develop more interest in nature. Exploring the beautiful Oswald West State Park near Rockaway Beach in Oregon is one of the things that visitors will never regret, and this is because of the beautiful trails as well as the beautiful coast of the park. Friendly people and tourists would want to stay and explore Rockaway Beach and Oswald West State Park more.

#6 Stroll through the Old Growth Cedar Preserve

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

If you are visiting Rockaway Beach, I would highly recommend you take a walk through the Old Growth Cedar Preserve. This park is quite appropriate for you to take a moment to reflect as well as marvel at the magnificent ancient cedar trees. When moving around using the artificial, faintly lit paths, you could say that the environment is like being in a forest due to the several tall trees and vegetation all over the place. 

See the animals in the forest, listen, and learn about the importance of preserving the old-growth forests. Whether you are a Bird watcher, a simple lover of nature, or somebody who wants to capture birds in their truest forms, or even for the mere purpose of experiencing the sight and sound of the Old Growth Cedar Preserve, it is inviting any time of the year, especially for those staying in Rockaway Beach.

#7 Cape Lookout State Park 

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

This park is located near Rockaway Beach, Oregon, and is named Cape Lookout State Park. It can easily be described as a perfect place for a holiday with activities for all family members. You can go for a hike, pack your lunch, sit somewhere to watch big waves in the distance, and swim and paddle. There are various fun things to do, including hiking up the Cape Lookout Trail and a mixture of cool things to do near Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

You can also camp, watch animals and wildlife, or even do it right beside the sea. Of course, if you are interested in nature and enjoy exploring and experiencing its sensations, then Cape Lookout State Park may be the place for you. But stay tuned to learn about what to do near Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

  • Special Features: A state park containing walking tracks, first-nation people’s land, a lookout point, and camping grounds.
  • Address: 13000 Whiskey Creek Rd, Tillamook, OR 97141
  • Distance from Rockaway Beach: About 22 miles south
  • Official Website: https://stateparks.oregon.gov/index.cfm?do=park.profile&parkId=134 
  • Phone Number: (503) 842-4981

#8 Go Fishing, Crabbing, and Boating at Kelly’s Brighton Marina

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

Located in Rockaway Beach, Oregon, at Kelly’s Brighton Marina, you can catch some howling fun fishing, crabbing, and boating! Grab your fishing gear and go for some fishing to enjoy Rockaway Beach, Oregon, fishing and catching some fish; put some crab traps for some great crabs, or just go for a boat ride. Alternatively, you can hire equipment if you need it. Also, the Twin Rocks nearby are not left out, and at this beach, one can decide to visit if he or she wishes. 

It can be a thrilling time out on the water or relaxing to view areas of interest in and near Rockaway Beach, Oregon, which would be a good choice for a fun boat rental at Kelly’s Brighton Marina. Remember to explore the things to do near Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

  • Special Features: A marina offering fishing, crabbing, and boating with rentals available.
  • Address: 29200 US-101, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136
  • Distance from Rockaway Beach: About 4 miles north
  • Official Website: https://kellysbrightonmarina.com/
  • Phone Number: (503) 368-5745

#9 Drive the three Capes scenic routes

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

Discover the Great Coastal Loop and cruise along the Three Capes scenic route near Rockaway Beach, Oregon, for great fun! This scenic drive takes you past three magnificent capes: Oregon Coast attractions include Cap Meares, Cap Lookout, and Cap Kiwanda. You will view beautiful coastlines, cliffs, and sandy beaches during the hike. 

Be sure to get off at the various viewpoints, trails, and earmarked features, like the Cape Meares Lighthouse. Drive the Three Capes Scenic Route to get a true ‘heartbeat rushing’ adventure with splendid scenery or a memorable road trip. 

  • Special Features: A scenic drive featuring Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, and Cape Kiwanda.
  • Address: Starting point near Tillamook, OR
  • Distance from Rockaway Beach: Route varies, starting about 13 miles south
  • Official Website: https://tillamookcoast.com/what-to-do/three-capes-scenic-route/
  • Phone Number: (503) 842-2672

#10 Manzanita Beach 

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

Neahkahnie Beach, also known as Manzanita Beach, is one of the wonderful beaches located in the town of Manzanita, Oregon. This beautiful beach curves down the face of Neahkahnie Mountain to the town of Nehalem Beach and the mouth of the Nehalem River to the south. While firm sand is ideal for long walks, swimming is not recommended as the water is cold. 

The kite fanciers rejoice over the day with winds, and there is a beautiful tide pool to discover. For more fun in the area, you can visit Rockaway Beach for Twin Rocks Arch views, the Indian-located Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, or tour Tillamook Creamery.

  • Special Features: A beautiful, less-crowded beach perfect for a relaxing day.
  • Address: Manzanita, OR 97130
  • Distance from Rockaway Beach: About 6 miles north
  • Official Website: https://exploremanzanita.com/
  • Phone Number: (503) 812-5510

#11 Hug Point State Recreation Site

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

Hug Point State Recreation Site, situated twenty miles south of Astoria in the Cannon Beach area, is a coastal park that is diverse and interesting. Actually, tourists can visit the fascinating sea caves and take a pleasant walk on the historic stagecoach road, which is cut into the stone. 

A seasonal waterfall is a marvellous feature, becoming a waterfall that tumbles directly onto the beach during the rainy season. When it is low tide, there are pools of water filled with marine life, perfect for lovers of the wonders of tide. Just strolling along the sandy beaches is quite enjoyable, and the coupling of trees with views of the sea is also a good place for lunch. This place bestows family visits, photography, and scenic views on the coast of Oregon on visitors.

#12 Play Mini Golf at Troxel’s Rock Garden

Things to do near Rockaway Beach

Troxel’s Rock Garden is a unique park located to the north of Highway 101 and one of the primary tourist attractions that draw visitors to Rockaway Beach in the state of Oregon. This funkin’ place has eateries and going places that are suitable for everyone and in between. These can include rock collection as a pastime or mini-golfing and cycling around the surrounding areas. 

There are also soft rocks, natural sculptures, and strange pieces of art that are wonderful and very good for vandal photography. Kids will also have fun on the playgrounds, while adults may take a walk on the pathways in the serene garden and organize picnics. Many peculiarities can captivate you and take your thoughts away, so Troxel Rock Garden is the perfect place to have fun with friends and visit relatives! 

  • Special Features: Enjoy a fun round of mini golf with family and friends.
  • Address: 441 S Marine Dr, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136
  • Distance from Rockaway Beach: Located in Rockaway Beach
  • Official Website: N/A
  • Phone Number: (503) 355-8108

What is the best time to visit Rockaway Beach, Oregon?

Rockaway Beach Oregon is one of the best destinations during the summer from June to August because of the sunny weather where you can enjoy beach fun, hiking, and festivals. The good weather attracts a lot of tourists, although it is also crowded. Therefore, people are prepared for the good weather, but very few people opt for late September and early May.

In terms of storm watching, every winter there are very few tourists and people who are looking for a quiet and somewhat secluded vacation. Since we are among the people, we are happy to give people the freedom to make their own choices about the type of weather, events, and crowds they want to enjoy during their trip to Rockaway Beach at any particular time of the year.


Seeking for the things that amuse people near Rockaway Beach, Oregon? Looking for fun near Rockaway Beach, Oregon? There’s plenty to explore! For landscape viewing, go to Oswald West State Park, or for adventurous zip-lining, go to the Tillamook Forest Center. 

Go back in time at the Garibaldi Museum or indulge in sweet and scrumptious food at the Tillamook Creamery. However, for camping, fishing, hiking, and bird-watching activities, Nehalem Bay State Park is the best. This is in Rockaway Beach, Oregon, and I’m glad to share with you that there isn’t a shortage of things to do when you pay a visit to Rockaway Beach! 

Some FAQs 

What are the best things to do near Rockaway Beach, Oregon, that you should not miss?

In Oswald West State Park, hiking is the most popular activity, while in Nehalem Bay State Park, the most popular activities include kayaking and crabbing. Tillamook State Forest has walking trails as a major activity.

What are some fun things for the family to do near Rockaway Beach, Oregon?

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad offers a scenic tour for families, and to bring out the kid in the family, there are always kites to fly and sand castles to build on the beaches.

Can you go whale-watching along the coast of Rockaway Beach?

Yes, whale watching is one of the most fun things to do near Rockaway Beach, Oregon. Sometimes, it is possible to see the whales from the coastal vantage points; however, it can also be organized in a more guided manner through a tour. 

what are well-known fishing spots near Rockaway Beach, Oregon?

Yes, you will find good fishing here; you can fish for salmon, sturgeon, and crabs in Nehalem Bay. The fishing is also good, with the nearby rivers and lakes available for fishing. 

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