9 Best Things To Do in Nashville Tn for Couples and Romance

things to do in  Nashville tn for couples
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Explore the Nashville is the bachelorette capital of the US and known for the birth of country Music. After researching it, I learned that the history of this place, hospitality, food, all genres of music, and the energy here is unmatched. It’s one of the ideal destinations for couples or newlyweds who want to have a romantic trip or want to make lovely memories. Now it is the time for explore 9 things to do in  Nashville tn for couples.

So in this blog, we will tell you some of the best things that you must do when you visit Nashville with your partner. From music walks in the city’s vibrant neighborhoods to exploring the rich history and culture, Nashville has something for every couple. 

This guide will guide you through some unique activities by Things to Do in Nashville TN for Couples that will personalize your Nashville trip that will never be forgotten.

Best time to visit Nashville with your partner

The best time to visit Nashville with your partner largely depends on your preferences for weather, events, and activities. 

If you go between March and May, it will be springtime and there will be many events like concerts and out-of-town concerts, which can be a great time to visit Things to do in Nashville TN for Couples. The weather from June to August is not that special because it is very hot, hence you may face a lot of difficulties in doing outdoor activities.

Temperature is cooler in the later months and Nashville can be a very relaxing and romantic destination during this time. The main attraction here at this time is the museum and apart from this, there are also seasonal markets, outdoor activities, concerts and shows, and More Explore Things to do in Nashville TN for Couples.

Top things to do in Nashville TN for couples- 

Following is the List of Best Things to do in Nashville TN for couples-

#1 Watch a Show at The Grand Ole Opry 

Grand Ole Opry 

If you want to make your Things to Do in Nashville TN for Couples trip unforgettable then you have to enjoy a night at the Grand Ole Opry which is not only a concert but a live radio show that’s been running since 1925 and is also the longest running radio broadcast in The US History. Each Opry Show features Live Performances by more than 8 artists that range from Country music Legends to upcoming artists and legendary songwriters. No trip to the Music City would be complete without catching a performance at this historic venue.

#2 The Bluebird Cafe

The Bluebird Cafe

The Bluebird Cafe is one of the iconic spots for live music in Nashville you might recognize it from the famous show of the same name. The vibe of that cafe is just amazing where the songs and the stories are the stars of the show and you will also get to see some country’s stars ‘ posters. It is located at Bluebird Cafe in a strip mall about 20 minutes downtown and it will be a phenomenal experience for you. 

#3 Go on a Helicopter Ride Over Nashville

Helicopter Ride

If you or your partner love to do thrilling and adventurous things then helicopter rides would be the most amazing Things to do in Nashville Tn for Couples. This is the best thing that a couple should do in Nashville and it allows you both to spend quality time together. Best Couples Traveling Experience Things to do in Nashville TN for Couples.

#4 The Carriage Ride 

Carriage Ride

After seeing the entire city from above, the best way to see the corners of the city is to ride a horse and through this, you can see the unique quirks of the city. A guided tour with the carriage will take you through Broadway’s honky tonks, art galleries and many other iconic sites.

#5 The Mural Walk

Mural Walk

The streets of Nashville are decorated with iconic murals that have become landmarks. Taking a stroll through the city’s neighborhoods, you will find these stunning pieces of art that not only enhance your photos but also tell a unique story about the city.

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#6 Tootsie’s orchid Lounge

Tootsie's orchid Lounge

The Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge is arguably the most Famous Honky Tonk on Broadway where you can enjoy live music in an intimate setting. You can Dance to the latest country hits at popular spots like Honky Tonk Central and Nudie’s Honky Tonky. You can’t miss the Bright purple-colored building, because it’s where Willie Nelson got his first Songwriting job after his performance. If you or your partner is a Huge fan of music then you definitely should visit this Things to Do in Nashville TN for Couples

#7 Spent a Night at Printers Alley

Printers Alley

Printers Alley is a Hidden Gem that a lot of Tourists Miss, you will find it on church street Between 3rd and 4th Ave. The Narrow Ally and all the lights and Neon Signs make this Alley a Magical Spot. it’s a little more low-key than Broadway where you’ll find the Best Music, food, and drinks so spending a night here will be worth it. 

#8 Winery


This Beautiful winery is owned by Country Start Kix Brooks. You can taste their Award-winning wine here, such as Chardonnay, Merlot, or Red Fox Red, and enjoy views of the high hills and vineyards. There are also live concerts on weekends and if you love drinking while listening to music then the winery is a must-visit place in Nashville for you. 

#9 A Couple Massage

Couple Massage

A couple massage will make your tour more romantic and is also good for a healthy relationship. After a day full of adventure and exploration, you can de-stress by having a relaxing massage with your partner, this will leave you refreshed and more energetic for the next day, next adventure Things to do in Nashville TN for Couples


Nashville is full of Unique and pleasant neighborhoods beyond the energetic downtown, the south neighborhoods are the most visited place and it is home to locally owned shops, Restaurants, Vintage Stores, and of course Murals. 

Nashville offers a variety of activities for couples. Whether it’s visiting museums, eating delicious food, or enjoying the city’s culture and live music, there is something for every type of couple. From Romantic Brunches to Helicopter rides you can experience every exciting Things to do in Nashville TN for Couples


Is Nashville a good place for couples?

Yes, Nashville is one of the most romantic destinations for couples. Here you can create lovely and thrilling memories. 

What is the most iconic thing in Nashville?

The Grand Ole Opry show is the most Iconic show in Nashville and if you go to Nashville you should definitely attend this show.

Is Nashville Cheap or Expensive?

The cost of living in Nashville is Expensive because Nashville TN Housing is 8% more expensive than the US Average. 

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