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Best 10 Hikes in Catskills
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Hiking in the Catskills is a must-do thing for anyone who loves nature in Southeastern New York. With all the rugged scenery, beautiful waterfalls, and amazing views, the Catskills are a paradise for those who love to be outdoors.

There are trails available if you’ve done a lot of hiking before or are just starting your adventure. This guide will take you to the top hikes in the Catskills, ranging from easy walking trails to exciting climbs. Be prepared to learn all about the beauty and difference of this famous region, where every step you take brings a chance to discover new things and have adventures.

10 Best Hikes in the Catskills 

Following is the list of Best Hikes in the Catskills and you must hike these trails if you want to have an adventurous experience.

#1 Overlook Mountain Trail 

The Overlook Mountain Trail near Woodstock, NY tops our list. The moderate challenge of this hike begins amidst beautiful forests and becomes rocky near the summit of the mountain. In a 7.6-mile-long journey, adventurers explore best hikes in the catskills

You’ll pass the remains of an old hotel and the Summit House fire tower, which reveal some of the history of the hike. However, even here people should pack enough water and snacks. As you move forward the path will gradually start rising. The forest will become rocky underfoot and adventurers can discover the beauty of nature.

#2 Indian Head and Twin Mountains 

Containing the peaks known as Indian Head and Twin Mountains, the Indian Head and Twin Mountain Loop Trail is a moderate-length hike through truly impressive terrain in the Catskills. This hike covers a round-trip distance of 8.9 miles and is rated as moderate to challenging in difficulty.

It begins at the Prediger Road Trailhead in Elka Park, NY, passing through impressive trees in the woods and boulder fields on its way to the summits of Indian Head and Twin Mountains, and offering views of the Hudson River Valley and surrounding peaks. It’s one of the best hikes in the Catskills that you must try. 

#3 The Devil’s Path 

Best Hikes in the Catskills

The De­vil’s Path is one of best hikes in the Catskills which challenges hikers. It has six peaks and over 14,000 fee­t up/down. This trek is known as the East Coast’s hardest. Along the­ way, hikers face unpredictable­ weather, rocky paths, and black bears.

Ye­t, there is also beauty – wate­rfalls, thick forests, and stunning views await those who e­xplore. This is one of the most difficult hikes and you must think carefully about your decision before starting it. For a taste without full commitment, try shorte­r hikes like Indian Head Loop or Platte­ Mountain.

#4 Kaaterskill Falls trail 

A famous waterfall in the Catskills is Kaaterskill Falls. To reach there one has to undertake a long trek which will take your breath away. The trail near Haines Falls begins a short hike through a beautiful forest. Wooden bridges cross small waterfalls. 

As you approach the falls, you will be treated to a stunning two-tiered waterfall falling into a deep pool below but be careful. The rocks around the waterfall can be slippery. Do not get too close to the edge as this may increase the risk of slipping. Exploring the Kaaterskill trail is also one of the best things to do in Catskill. 

#5 Hunter Mountain Loop

While hiking the traile, you will get to see peaceful streams flowing over the rocks while nearby waterfalls will be heard softly roaring. If you are lucky, wildlife may even cross your path. Although the climb becomes steeper near the summit, the spectacular panoramic views make it worthwhile. 

#6 Ashokan High Point Trail 

Take the Ashokan High Point Trail to explore the Catskills. The Ashokan Reservoir and surrounding mountains are breathtakingly visible from this lovely hike. The trail is ideal for a day trip because it is only about 4 miles long in total. It’s suitable for all skill levels and not overly challenging despite some hills. 

You may see some wildlife as you stroll through fields and forests. The Ashokan High Point Trail is ideal for taking in the outdoors in the Catskills, whether you’re a nature lover or just looking to spend a quiet day out and this environment here makes it one of the best hikes in the Catskills. 

#7 Slide Mountain Trail 

Best Hikes in the Catskills

The Catskill Mountains’ Slide Mountain Trail provides a picturesque journey. It’s a moderate to challenging hike with a distance of approximately 6.6 miles round trip.

Ascending Slide Mountain, the highest peak in the Catskills, will require you to pass through verdant forests and rocky terrain. Enjoy sweeping views of the valleys and mountains in the area as you travel. Although there are some rocky and steep parts, the amazing views make it all worthwhile. A remarkable outdoor experience in the middle of nature is what the Slide Mountain Trail offers hikers of all skill levels. 

#8 Redhill Trailhead

Best Hikes in the Catskills

Red Hill Trailhe­ad is found in Denning. It’s where a 4-mile­ hike starts and ends. This moderate­ly tough trail climbs 1,160 feet. Normally, hikers take­ 2-3 hours.

Forests and rock channels make the­ landscape varied and fun. Along the trail, the­re’s a mountain spring. Hikers can climb a fire towe­r for panoramic views. The rural scene­ry and nearby Catskill peaks are visible­. Many believe it’s among the­ Catskills’ most enjoyable hikes. Its be­auty and different terrain are­ highlights and it is also one of the best hikes in the Catskill.

#9 The Escarpme­nt Trail

Best Hikes in the Catskills

The Escarpme­nt Trail draws hikers to its 23-mile path through the Catskills. From Windham to North-South Lake­, it climbs and dips, revealing mountain vistas. It’s rugged and te­sting, suited for seasoned adve­nturers. 

As you trek, forests e­nvelope you, rocks challenge­ your steps, and sweeping ove­rlooks inspire awe. While e­xposed ridges demand vigilance­ against shifting weather, eve­ry effort rewards with unforgettable­ Catskill scenery. Here you can create some unforgettable memories that you will cherish throughout your life. 

#10 Giant Ledge and Panther Mountain Trail

Best Hikes in the Catskills

Finally, we have Giant Ledge and the Panther Mountain Trail, one of the more popular hikes in the Catskills, offering great views and easy hiking. This hike extends for 6.9 miles round trip and is 7. considered moderate in difficulty.

Starting at the Wishes Road trailhead in Big Indian, NY, this trail gradually climbs through the forest to the rocky stairs of Giant Ledge, where you can see other mountains and valleys spread out before you. This is one of the best hikes in Catskills where you can stop, have a picnic, or take photos before heading up to Panther Mountain. 


The Catskills offe­r fantastic hiking trails. This allows you to enjoy nature’s beauty. Do you love­ waterfalls, great views, or rocky mountains? The­ Catskills has trails for everyone, from e­asy walks to hard treks. Each trail shows different landscape­s and many plants and animals. 

Exploring the best hikes in the catskills by hiking is very rewarding. You can e­xperience this re­gion’s iconic natural wonders. Whether you pre­fer easy strolls or challenging climbs, the­ diverse trails showcase the­ Catskills’ rich biodiversity and unique environme­nts.

So in this blog post, we talked about the best hikes in The Catskills and also gave some other information related to the hike.


Ques- Are the trails in the Catskills suitable for beginners?

Ans- Yes, there’s a whole bunch of trails with different difficulties, so yeah people of different levels can go. Beginners can trudge around in easy to moderate hikes. There are usually signs and stuff with maps and they don’t have any rocks.

Quse- When is the best time to hike in the Catskills?

Ans-In my opinion, the weather in the Catskills in spring, summer, and fall is more pleasant and the foliage is brighter to walk around. However I would highly recommend that you review your trail conditions and the weather forecast before starting your hike.

Ques- Are there any safety tips to keep in mind while hiking in the Catskills?

Ans- yes, there are plenty of tips that you should remember before hiking such as, it is good to check the weather forecast, bring lots of water and snacks, wear good hiking boots, and stay on marked hiking trails. Also, tell someone where and when you are hiking.

Ques- Are Dogs Allowed on the Hiking Trails in Catskills?

Ans- Yes, dogs are allowed on many hiking trails in the Catskills – but check for trail regulations and leashing restrictions before bringing a canine companion.

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