10 Top Best Beaches in Washington 2024

Beaches in Washington 
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Washington state boasts enchanting beaches that have been shaped by the rhythmic dance of the Pacific for centuries. These beaches in Washington, filled with sand, rocks, and sea stacks, are a testament to nature’s artistry. The coastal beauty is a blend of pristine shorelines and ancient rainforests, providing a timeless backdrop reminiscent of the days before European settlers arrived and disrupted the lives of the indigenous Hoh, Quileute, Makah, and Quinault nations.

If you’re a beach enthusiast, Washington has something for everyone – from family-friendly spots within Seattle’s city limits to day trips along the Olympic Peninsula or weekend getaways to the captivating island archipelago surrounding the state’s coast. To help you navigate this plethora of options, here are thirteen of the finest beaches in Washington, the Evergreen State. 

So, if you’re drawn to the allure of beaches in Washington, whether for beachcombing, sunbathing, surfing, kayaking, or whale watching, you’re in for a treat. These shores offer a diverse range of experiences, making each visit a unique adventure.

10 Top Best Beaches in Washington 2024

1. Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

Beaches in Washington 

The wild and untamed beauty of Olympic National Park unfolds along the coastline, showcasing its splendour at Ruby Beach. This landscape, adorned with striking sea stacks and driftwood, forms a picture-perfect scene just under eight miles north of Kalaloch Lodge. Among the many beaches in Washington, Ruby stands out as one of the park’s favourites.

The waves crash against the black sand, and the smell of salt air is mixed with the earthy scent of the rainforest. At low tide, you can explore tide pools and find colourful sea stars, anemones, crabs and more aquatic animals.

Additionally, the nearby sandy stretches known as Beaches 1 through 5 promise a serene coastal experience for those seeking quietude. Among the myriad beaches in Washington, Ruby Beach and its surrounding coastal wonders beckon with a promise of natural marvels awaiting discovery. 

2. Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park

The rocky bank beach adds to the craggy landscape of this famous beach in Olympic National Park. Just as the dramatic sea stacks rising from waves. Huge shifts also define the space, and all these aesthetics add to heavenly places making it the best beach in Washington.

The short walk from the parking area to Rialto Beach. From here, hikers can go to the north of the rocky bank beach as far as their energy levels allow them. 

In this edge-of-the-continent environment, backpacking is also popular with hikers with permission to spend a night here.

Rialto Beach is another stunning beach on the Olympic Peninsula. The sand is a mix of black and white pebbles, and the smell of the ocean is strong. There are also tide pools to explore at low tide.

3. Long Beach, Long Beach Peninsula

Beaches in Washington 

Long Beach is the longest Beaches in Washington coast, stretching for 28 miles shoreline located in the southwestern corner of Washington. The sand is fine and white, and the smell of the ocean is mixed with the scent of pine trees. Hence making it one of the best beaches in Washington DC. 

You will find various things to do in Long Beach as it  is a great place for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing and more. The beautiful beach offers both the views of nature as well as the art installations for bikers, hikers, walkers and everyone out there.

4. Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores is an erratic coastal community 2.5 from Seattle. Ocean Shores is a great place for families and couples, with plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. The beach itself is long and sandy, and the smell of the ocean is strong. 

Everyday activities on the beach include sand-dollar searching,  kite flying,  and generally relaxing with the sounds of waves of the Pacific Ocean. Other ways to enjoy the best beach of Washington include  boat rentals, guided horseback rides, and chartered fishing adventures. The streets of Ocean Shores also entertain in the wide variety of cute shops and local restaurants.

5. Half Moon Bay, Westport Light State Park, Westport

Beaches in Washington 

Westport is a small town with a big beach. The beach is wide and sandy, and the smell of the ocean is mixed with the scent of the nearby harbour. 

The 560-acre park features beaches in Washington on both the Half Moon Bay and Pacific Ocean with restrooms, grassy dunes, picnic tables, a lighthouse,  grills, and coastal forest. Westport is a great place for fishing, crabbing, surfing and whale watching. And the most unique thing about this beach is that dogs are allowed here hence making it best beach in Washington for those who want to bring their pet dogs with them..

6. Rosario Beach, Deception Pass State Park

Deception Pass State Park is located on the Whidbey Island. The beach is long and sandy, and the smell of the ocean is mixed with the scent of the nearby saltwater marsh.  The Deception Pass entertains over 2 million visitors and each  of them agrees with the fact that it is one of the best state parks and beach in Washington DC. Deception Pass serves a variety of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and kayaking.

7. Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend

Beaches in Washington 

Fort Worden State Park is located on Port Townsend. The beach is long and sandy, and the smell of the ocean is mixed with the scent of the nearby forest. Fort Worden is a great place for swimming, sunbathing, and hiking. 

In summer, visitors can enjoy the Marine Science Center’s exhibition. You can find Campgrounds nearby, and there’s also a lighthouse to view from the outside. 

8. Golden Gardens Park, Seattle

Golden Sands Beach is located on Bainbridge Island in the neighbourhood of Seattle, and it’s a popular place  for enjoying the coastline. This big sandy beach is the main attraction to the community space, tempt activities like beach lounging, bonfires, and volleyball.  

In the evening in stunning sunsets you will get to see western orientation of Golden Gardens Park, and making it one  of the best beaches in Washington.

9. Alki Beach Park, Seattle

Alki Beach is located inElliot Bay in West Seattle. There’s a replica of a lighthouse and the Statue of Liberty — one of eight on the Puget Sound — that’s open for tours. The beach is long and sandy, and the smell of the ocean is mixed with the scent of the nearby city. Alki is a great place for swimming, sunbathing, and people watching where Picnic tables, restrooms, and parking are available. Fire pits at beaches in Washington are open from Memorial Day weekend through Labour Day. 

10. Owen Beach, Point Defiance Park

Beaches in Washington 

Owen Beach provides a stunning sandy shore on northwest Tacoma in Point Defiance Park. This beach is popular for activities like swimming, kayaking, and picnicking and making it the best beach in Washington. Short walk alongside the crashing waves will give you the homely feeling as the sound of the waves crashes to your ear. Kayak rentals are also available there on the Beaches in Washington.

Owen Beach is just the peak of the attractions in Point Defiance Park. After enjoying the view of Puget Sound, other popular things to do in this beach of Washington include cruising on the Five Mile Drive and meeting some of the residents at Point Defiance Aquarium and  Zoo. 

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