Top 7 BEST Escape Rooms in Brooklyn, NY in 2024

BEST Escape Rooms in Brooklyn
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Looking for a Fun Night out? Escape Rooms could be the Best way to make your night exciting and thrilling. These escape rooms will give you the most thrilling and adventurous experience that you would have experienced anywhere else. This is a complete package in which you will get to solve mysteries and puzzles along with the story. Whether you are a boy or a girl, you will get the feeling of proper bravery. 

In this Blog Post, I will share with you the Best Escape rooms in Brooklyn. All these escape rooms have got very good reviews on Google and they have also got a rating of 4-5 stars.

List of Top Best Escape Rooms In Brooklyn

Following is the list of the Top best Escape Rooms in Brooklyn

1. Beat the bomb Escape room in Brooklyn 

Escape Rooms in Brooklyn

Beat the Bomb Escape Room is one of the craziest escape rooms in Brooklyn. This game can be completed only by those who can think at a higher level and who have good leadership i.e. who know good teamwork. 

To beat this you better have to have good communication and Teamwork and this is also the best way to test your real friendship. 

If I said that this is the craziest escape room, I would have said it only after some thinking. Here you can experience the world’s first Paint Blast Escape the Room game. Your team will only have 1 hour to escape this room and players will also have access to the Hazmat suites. 

Players must defuse a paint bomb in one hour, either to escape from the escape room or to have it explode themselves. It has everything an action movie fan could want, including many different elements such as an immersive theater, 80s action sequences, and more.

2. Brooklyn Escape Room

Escape Rooms in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Escape Room is one of the most haunted Escape rooms in Brooklyn that is owned and operated by a family. You’ll find three different themes with different levels, such as medieval dungeons, pirate ships, or prohibition-era speakeasies. You can select any of these three. 

This escape room has been designed in such a way that people of all ages can play it, but only those who can solve every puzzle can complete it. 

If you want to know more about Escape Rooms in Brooklyn then you can check their website which is easily accessible and if the slots are vacant then you can check the availability there.

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3. Mystic Escape Rooms in Brooklyn

Escape Rooms in Brooklyn

Mystic Escape Room welcomes you to the world of adventure and gives you the best unforgettable moments that you will remember throughout your life. 

As soon as you enter inside, the atmosphere there will thrill you and while you try to solve that escape room, you will hear very scary background music which is also mysterious. The environment is designed in such a way that you will get exactly the movie hero vibe as if the world is in danger and only you can save it. 

If you are really into Sci-fi movies or Web series like Stranger Things then you definitely should knock on the door of MysTic Escape Room and I can assure you that you are gonna have a Blast in there. 

You can find out more about the Mystic Escape Room on YouTube where an interview with Gaara, the artistic director of this escape room, has been uploaded and she tells everything about it.

4. The Escape Game Room

Escape Rooms in Brooklyn

The escape game room was opened in Brooklyn 4 years ago and you will find many new features in it. They have around seven different themes, some of them are Gold Rush, Special Ops: Mysterious Market, Playground, The Heist, Prison Break, etc.

This Room has been designed according to a story, in which you will be given a situation that you are in 1955 and you have been punished for a crime which you have not committed, so you will be locked in a cell and the prison in which you will be locked up has little to do with the fact that the criminal who once occupied it had once disappeared without a trace or perhaps escaped, so you have to find your way out by following the clues left by the previous prisoner. 

If you are still confused about which theme you should go with then I would suggest Prison Break. It is a complete package that gives you action and much more.

If you don’t live in Brooklyn or can’t afford to travel here, you can also play this game from the comfort of your home by booking online at The Escape Game’s official website.

5. BrainXcape Escape Room NY

Escape Rooms in Brooklyn

BrainXscape Escape Room is one of the best and most adventurous escape rooms in Brooklyn. This escape room is mostly given a haunted theme and has also won an Award for grabbing the first position.

You should take time out from your busy schedule and away from bustling places and go for this adventure with your close and special people as soon as possible.

In both of these rooms, 2-10 people can form a team and solve it for an hour and I can tell you that even if you can’t escape the Room you will have a great time there. 

6. Peddler and Parchments Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms in Brooklyn

Peddler and Parchments Escape Rooms is a game room that will take you back in time and if you are a history buff then you should definitely try it.

The two themes of this escape room are Dance of the Bear and Eternal Glow Room. Dance of the Bear has genres like history and drama and it is a family-friendly game while Eternal Glow Room Mysterious and you can also play it with your family for fun. The more you explore this game and try to find the clues, the more you will enjoy it and wish that the game never ends. This will also help you check your IQ level, skills, and creativity so what are you waiting for just go and book the Tickets online. 

7. Komnata Quest Brooklyn

Escape Rooms in Brooklyn

Komnata Quest Escape Room is a must-visit for those who are looking for an unforgettable adventure. From the moment you enter that escape room, you will feel like you have been transported into a mysterious and intriguing world that blends elements of mystery, excitement, and discovery.

What makes this escape room unique is its puzzles and its story because there are very few people who have been able to come out of this escape room. Based on the number of people who have been there and the research I have done, I would recommend you try these escape rooms in Brooklyn.


If you like action or you like watching thriller movies then these escape rooms are made for you. We have told you in our blog about all those escape rooms where you can go with your family and friends and have a lot of fun and also create lovely memories together.

I hope this Blog post helps you find the Best Escape Rooms in Brooklyn and if you want to know more about these rooms then you can visit their official websites as well. 


How many people can go into an escape room at once?

How many people can go into an escape room at once depends on the size of the escape room because small rooms are designed for small Ques- what will happen when you can’t solve the puzzle and escape the room? 

There is a time limit to solve any escape room. If you are not able to escape from the room before the time is up, then the team will let you out after one hour or whatever is the time limit.

Which are the Best Escape rooms in Brooklyn?

According to the reviews available on the internet and based on my research I would suggest Beat the Bomb, Brainxscape, and Komnata Quest as the best Escape rooms.

What are the best tricks to escape the room?

if you want to escape the room then you have to communicate with your teammates calmly and you have to think outside of the box. Try to be more observant and observe everything around you and look for clues. The more calmly you solve the puzzle, the better it will be for you.

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