10 Best Things to Do in Taos, New Mexico 2024

Things to Do in Taos
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If you want to go to the place where you will enjoy quality time with all your families and your friends making good memories, then I will recommend the best place for you that is Taos New Mexico to pay a visit. 

Taos will offer the best of everything, starting from breathtaking historical sites to mind-blowing outdoor fun activities that you will remember throughout your life.

What to do in Taos? In this blog post, I will share some best things to do in Taos, New Mexico which will make your trip memorable throughout your life. 

Some Excited Best Things to Do in Taos 

These are some of the Best Things to do in Taos- 

#1 Visit Taos Pueblo

Things to Do in Taos

Taos Pueblo is one of the great places in New Mexico. Its story goes back in time more than 1,000 years. Therefore, you will feel like you have traveled back in time when you walk down its streets blast day. This is adobe, which are bricks made from clay all of those structures are built in a unique way. This is also the Home of the Taos Pueblo tribe, who have been living here for centuries and performing their traditions and ceremonies.

When you go there you will feel very proud of them and you will feel completely connected to them and you will not feel even for a moment that you are separate from them. The community will teach you about their way of life through their stories, dances, and crafts.

#2 Go to Rio Grande George Bridge

Things to Do in Taos

If you are in New Mexico then the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is a must-see place. It is an amazing steel bridge that spans a deep valley, and seeing this view you will be mesmerized. 

You can stand on that bridge and look at the rugged rocks and below you can see the winding river and the vast desert landscape stretching in all directions.

This is an ideal place to take photographs or enjoy the natural beauty. Exploring this place with your family and friends is one of the most mesmerizing things to do in Taos

#3 Must- visit Taos Plaza

Things to Do in Taos

The best thing to do in Taos Plaza is to walk around and explore. There are many shops and gift shops where you can buy unique souvenirs, as well as restaurants where you can taste Taos’s cuisine. 

Taos Plaza is always in the news as there are always events and live music shows happening here. This is a common thing for the locals but if you are coming to Taos for the first time then definitely go to Taos Plaza and attend the live music show. Taos Plaza is also one of the most visited Taos attractions in things to do in Taos, New Mexico. 

#4 Hot Air Baloon Ride 

Things to Do in Taos

Taking a hot air balloon ride will truly be one of the best experiences ever. As you float up into the sky and see the world below getting smaller and smaller, you will simply be mesmerized by the sight. The sight will be amazing to you – it will feel as if you are standing on top of a beautiful huge painting and More Beauty Things to do in Taos.

You will feel very peaceful and comfortable taking this ride. If possible, hire a more friendly and knowledgeable pilot who can tell you about interesting sites and facts about the area. This will be one of the most unforgettable things to do in Taos and if you go once, you will feel like going again.

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#5 Harwood Museum

Things to Do in Taos

Harwood Museum is filled with a really cool antique collection of arts that showcase both Historical and Contemporary work. If you are interested in learning History then you must go to this museum and it will teach you about the culture of Taos and the surrounding area. 

Harwood Museum is one of the most visited things to do in Taos Tourist spots and they also sometimes organize exhibitions featuring local artists, so there’s always something new to see. 

#6 Enchanted Circle

Things to Do in Taos

If you’re looking for an amazing road trip adventure, you must check out the Enchanted Circle in Northern New Mexico. Trust me you will feel like you are driving through a real-life postcard. 

Starting in the super cool town of Taos, the Enchanted Circle takes you on a scenic loop through some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll ever see.

If you want, you can capture these beautiful mountains, lush green forests, and cute small towns with your camera. You can stop at Eagle Nest Lake for a waterside picnic. There are also some unique shops near the Red River where you can buy anything and enjoy delicious food. more explore to adventure things to do in Taos.

It’s a perfect road adventurous for you so just Grab your friends, pack some snacks, and hit the road for a day you’ll never forget. 

#7 Go Rafting

Things to Do in Taos

Hey adventure seekers, If you are about to plan a trip to Taos or are already there, the first event you should include in your plan is rafting on the Rio Grande.

I can make sure that it will be your favorite experience. During the trip, you will chill on the stream, overcome tough rapids, see extraordinary landscapes, and meet interesting wildlife. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rafter, there are plenty of choices to choose from based on your comfort and fearlessness levels. 

To start this fun adventure, grab your swimsuit, gather your friends and family, and get ready for an unforgettable day on the water.

#8 Black Rock Hot Spring  

Black Rock Hot Spring is an amazing place near Taos. I highly recommend you to go there because it’s awesome. You have a short, easy 0.3-mile walk along the Rio Grande.

 These hot springs are nature’s Jacuzzi! The water is warm, cozy, and relaxing, and what’s cooler is you can basically use it for free. I also like that you can soak sans swimsuit if that’s your speed. Don’t forget to be respectful and clean up after yourself. Many people enjoy this fabulous spot. This is an excellent place to relax and be in the moment of nature in Taos

So grab your swimsuit and relax in one of these natural hot tubs and this is also the best things to do in Taos Sightseeing place. 

#9 Rift Valley Trail 

Things to Do in Taos

I would like to recommend Rift Valley Trail. If you are looking for a fun and beautiful walk that gives you amazing views of the Rio Grande Gorge in one part provides you with beautiful views of the Rio Grande Gorge. Many people in Taos love to visit this trail, it has wide, smooth trails. It is good for walking, biking, or horseback riding. It has a high cliff on its edge and the river winds beneath it. 

Traverse is a quiet and flat area, with many flowers and thorny bushes. It is good for families and beginners. The journey will be really fun and you will see a lot of beautiful things. You will explore the nature of Rift Valley Trail. 

#10 Taos Ski Valley 

If you like skiing – that is the place for you in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico, an excellent ski resort. There is an opportunity for everyone, whether you are an experienced skier or if you have never skied before there are easy and hard tracks. 

In the evenings, after skiing or snowboarding, you can drink hot cocoa in a warm, cozy lodge, or you can visit the local restaurants that the resort offers. Visiting Taos Ski Valley is one of the coolest things to do in Taos. 


Taos is a great place with so many fun things to do. Whether you’re up for outdoor adventures like hiking or skiing, or you want to explore art galleries and local shops, Taos has something for everyone. And let’s not forget about the delicious New Mexican food you have to try!

So grab your friends or bring the family, and get ready to have a great time with things to do in Taos. Trust me, you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime! So what are you waiting for? Pack those bags and head to Taos for an amazing adventure.

In this blog post, we shared some best things to do in Taos and i hope that you found it helpful. 


Ques- What are the Top Taos Attractions?

Ans- The Top Taos attractions include Taos Pueblo, Taos Ski Valley, Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Kit Carson Home, Harwood Museum, Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, Black Rock Hot Springs, and Taos Plaza.

Ques- What are the Best Taos Outdoor Activities to do with your Family?

Ans – The Best Taos outdoor activities for families include hiking the Rift Valley Trail, skiing at Taos Ski Valley, exploring Taos Pueblo, rafting on the Rio Grande, and enjoying Black Rock Hot Springs.

Ques- Which are the Famous Taos Adventure places?

Ans- Famous Taos adventure places include Taos Ski Valley for skiing, Rio Grande Gorge Bridge for stunning views, Black Rock Hot Springs for relaxation, and the Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway for scenic drives.

Ques- which are the best Taos Hiking Trails?

Ans- some of the Best Hiking Trails include the Rift Valley Trail, Williams Lake Trail, Devisadero Loop Trail, and the West Rim Trail in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

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