12 Best Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte NC

12 Best Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte NC
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Discover the best Japanese restaurants in Charlotte NC, From casual sushi spots to exciting hibachi grills, Charlotte has plenty of delicious Japanese food to try. Whether you love fresh sashimi, fancy sushi rolls, or watching the chef cook your food on the hibachi grill right in front of you, your guide will help you find the perfect spot. Get ready to enjoy amazing Japanese food and friendly service in Charlotte

In this Blog, we will walk you through the best Japanese restaurants in Charlotte NC, and will also give you some reviews about these Restaurants.

Best Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte NC

After a lot of hard work and research, we have found the best Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte NC where you can eat tasty food.

#1 Mr. Tokyo Japanese Restaurant 

Step into Mr. Tokyo’s Japanese Restaurant and get ready for an unforgettable culinary delight. The atmosphere is lively, and the service is always well done at this favorite secret restaurant for Japanese food lovers. 

The precision in the preparation of each dish is a masterpiece and brimming with genuine flavors. From delicate sushi rolls to satisfying yakitori portions, every bite is a symphony of flavor. The menu itself is filled with a variety of items, ensuring that there is something served for everyone. From a simple sushi lunch to a luxurious dinner at Mister Tokyo with a group of friends, trust Mr.Tokyo for your finest and most unforgettable dining experiences. 

#2 Baku 

Baku is a culinary treasure trove and will drive all the locals and visitors to the city crazy to eat even more. With an astonishing 4.7 standing in recent reviews, the excellent sushi has been exceptional at this Japanese robata-style restaurant known for its innovative robata and yakitori dishes.

Their unique signature dish is made of bluefin, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, and micro chives in soybean sesame wrap, topped with black tobiko and chili aioli. The best dishes on its menu include the bluefin gochujang, masago scallion, and avocado sushi, topped with flash-fried gluten-free crispy red onions and spicy aioli.

Baku is a favorite destination for those looking for the best the city offers when it comes to Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte NC food.

#3 Nakato Japanese Restaurants & Sushi Bar 

Nakato Japanese Restaurants Sushi Bar

Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar Nakato is a Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte NCknown for its rich culinary offerings including a hot hibachi grill and a delightful sushi bar.

 The menu features tempting options like Shrimp Tempura, Chicken Karaage, Hibachi Shrimp, NY Strip, and more. With generous portions and chefs putting on shows, to the delight of many customers, the dining experience at Nakato is lively and good. It is one of the delightful Japanese restaurants in Charlotte, NC. This is one of the most delicious Japanese restaurants in Charlotte, NC. 

#4 O-Ku

Oku is an upscale, high-energy Japanese spot in Charlotte, NC which focuses on the highest quality of the freshest and finest variety of dishes. The menu features modern Japanese dishes to traditional sushi, including the Spicy Chirashi Bowl, O-Ku Shrimp, Tuna Crudo, and Lobster Temaki.  

You can also order creative rolls like the Emperor, Rainbow, and White Spider. Beautiful combinations with very high-quality sake, cocktails, and wines match excellently with the restaurant’s fine dining.

#5 Red Ginger Japanese Restaurant Steakhouse and Sushi 

The Steakhouse and Sushi of the Red Ginger Japanese Restaurant come under one roof to give you everything you want. Its main menu, sushi bar, and hand-picked selections from the best steakhouses in town guarantee to give you a prestigious dining experience.

Whether you want to dine cozily with a loved one or hav a boisterous dinner party with a loud gaggle of friends, the restaurant can fit all your needs. The menu represents a huge choice of classical and creative dishes, cooked with the use of only the most precise and careful preparations. 

Coupled with attentive service and the pursuit of excellence, Red Ginger is one of the must-visit Japanese restaurants in Charlotte, NC.

#6 Konnichiwa Charlotte

If you love sushi and hibachi food, Konnichiwa Charlotte on East Boulevard is definitely a place you can call home. It’s a friendly place where families can enjoy a good meal together. 

They create modern sushi and hibachi dishes like the Sin-chan Roll and Shrimp Hibachi Bowl – which are customer favorites. Especially, their ramen is very delicious. If you want a warm and fun atmosphere with the opportunity to try some very unique sushi, definitely try Konnichiwa Charlotte, one of the affordable Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte NC.

#7 Musashi Japanese Restaurants

For over 25 years, Musashi Japanese Restaurant has been one of Charlotte, NC’s most beloved homegrown spots for authentic Japanese cuisine. 

Customers love the authentic sushi flavors, classic dishes, and bento boxes that never go out of style and will make you feel like you’ve just arrived in Japan. Most guests at this restaurant say they found the ambiance relaxing and the service good, they came for their snapper sushi and would definitely come back. Musashi Japanese Restaurant is home to pretty good sushi for those who love Japanese cuisine.

#8 Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar creates only the most delicious food for their customers. That’s why everyone always says that it is very famous. Their food menu include delicious Hibachi Chicken, mouth-watering Hibachi Shrimp, juicy New York Strip, and the Emperor’s Feast of Filet Mignon, Shrimp and Chicken

Whether you prefer hibachi or sushi, they have a wide variety of options for you to sample. That’s why lovers of Japanese cuisine keep coming here again and again.

#9 YUME Ramen Sushi & Bar 

YUME Ramen Sushi & Bar is an excellent place for delicious food. They are famous for their amazing ramen and sushi. Just imagine: you’re gobbling down those delicious noodles in their flavorful broth, or those fresh sushi rolls with all kinds of delectable fillings inside.

Whether you’re a ramen fanatic or a sushi lover, YUME has something especially for you. It’s a great place to come with your friends to have a really fun night out and enjoy some delicious food. But if you’re in the mood for some Japanese food, then YUME Ramen Sushi & Bar is the right choice for you. 

#10 Hasaki Grill & Sushi 

Hasaki Grill & Sushi is an excellent place to enjoy Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte NC. The restaurant offers a casual and welcoming environment, serving dishes made from fresh, quality ingredients. 

Among the eye-catching items on the menu are dishes like crispy tempura shrimp and sumptuous miso soup, while the specialty kitchen serves teriyaki chicken with broccoli and steak and scallops with mushrooms. 

#11 Ru San’s 

Ryu San’s Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte NC offer a delightful cross-fusion of taste and culture. From refreshing sushi rolls to hot hibachi dishes, there is something for every taste. The lively atmosphere and friendly staff make dining here a memorable experience

Whether sushi is something you’re trying for the first time or you’re already a die-hard fan, Ryu San welcomes you to the fascinating and enticing world of Japanese cuisine. Ru San’s is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Charlotte, NC. 

#12 Yamazaru Sushi & Sake 

If you are in Japan and looking for the Best Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte NC Yamazraru Sushi & Sake will be a great decision you won’t regret ever. People love their fresh fish, especially in rolls like Tarzan, Sack 2 Me, Tuna Bomb, and Salmon Madness

The restaurant has a nice and modern environment, and they also have a great selection of wines to enjoy with your meal. Its convenient location has made it a favorite among sushi lovers who want fresh and affordable options. If you’re meeting with friends or want to dine alone and are a fan of sushi, Yamazaru is the right place for you. 


In this blog post, we told you about all those Japanese restaurants in Charlotte where you can eat delicious Japanese food. The environment of all these restaurants is very friendly and the service is also very good, which will make you feel absolutely homely. 

All the restaurants we have mentioned in our blog post have received good reviews from people and their ratings on Google are also very good, so I would definitely recommend you to go to these restaurants.


Ques- What are the top Japanese restaurants in Charlotte, NC?

Ans- As far as my research, I would say, Nakato Japnese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Musashi Japnese Restaurant, Mr Tokyo, and Baku are the top Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte, NC. 

Ques- How can you discover the Best Sushi restaurant in Charlotte, NC?

Ans- you can find the Best Sushi Restaurants based on current trends and local recommendations.

Ques- How to find Budget-friendly Japanese Restaurants in Charlotte?

Ans- To find budget-friendly Japanese restaurants in Charlotte, look at online reviews, local food blogs, and social media. Look for lunch specials or happy hour deals and ask locals for recommendations.

Ques- Where Can you have the best Japanese restaurant experience in Charlotte, NC?

Ans- To have the Best Japanese restaurant Experience, explore popular restaurants like Musashi Japanese Restaurant or Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse. 

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