11 Best Things to do in Yakima 2024

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Learn the top things to do in Yakima, Washington!!! Interested in some thrilling things to do in Yakima? Washington’s Yakima is the ideal spot for you! Situated in the lush Yakima Valley, this cute town offers a blend of picked natural sites, cultural hotspots, and outdoor adventures. 

Stroll the beautiful Yakima Greenway at a smooth and comfortable stroll while absorbing in most tranquil Yakima Arboretum and Botanical Garden beauty. Wine lovers, Yakima Valley Wine Country too! Test some of the finest local wines accessible and admire the gorgeous wine-growing views.

No matter what you’re into, Yakima provides a wide array of activities and attractions to guarantee a memorable experience!!! So why wait? Come and uncover the best things to do in Yakima, Washington right this moment 

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What is the best time to visit Yakima?

I think the best time to visit Yakima is dependent on your favorite season. If you love spring, spring, which spans from March to May, the surrounding vineyards and orchards are ideal for outdoor activities such as trekking and sampling white wine. 

Summer, on the other hand, which extends from June to August, provides outdoor adventures like trekking, cycle rides, and adventures in the Yakima River in addition to festivals. 

The rain from September to November is wet, but the harvest season offers the opportunity to see beautiful vegetation. Harvesting apples and pumpkins will require a visit to the orchards, but the vineyard harvest would also be busy, giving you a chance to sample wine.

Finally, winter, which lasts from December to February, is the only season in which Yakima experiences snow in the surrounding hills. The hotels offer winter sports and snowboarding, including White Pass Ski Area.

11 Exciting Things to do in Yakima

Following is the list of some exciting things to do in Yakima-

#1 Must- Visit Yakima Valley Museum

Things to do in Yakima

Yakima Valley Museum, behind Franklin Park in the downtown area, showcases the history and future of the Yakima River Valley. It has exhibits on native communities, early settlers, and the fruit industry, including an old-timey soda fountain for fizzy drinks.

Planning on spending a few hours here. It’s welcoming to children and open from Tuesday through Saturday, with a small fee; children under 5 enter for free.

In addition to the museum, the popular Franklin Park has trees for shade, picnic tables, and one of the city’s rare public swimming pools. This large green area is also ideal for practicing fly fishing casts.

  • Special Features- Special Exhibitions, Petrified Miocene trees, horse-drawn vehicles, and Historical Exhibitions.
  • Location- 2101 Tieton Drive, Yakima, Washington
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#2 Explore Franklin Park 

Things to do in Yakima

Franklin Park in Boston is a large 527-acre green space designed for Frederick Law Olmsted. It’s the biggest park in Bon’s “Emerald Necklace.” The park has major areas: “Ante Park,” which has playgrounds and sports spaces, and “Country Park,” which is quieter with meadows woodlands, and a lake. 

The park still has the Franklin Park Zoo, which you have to pay a visit to, but still, it is a great place to see animals. Franklin Park is a spot popular for picnics, jogging, walking dogs, and playing tennis.

  • Special Features- Popular Spot for Picnic, Jogging, and playing tennis, Merci Car from WWI, and Franklin Park Zoo. 
  • Location- 2101 Tieton Dr, Yakima, WA 98902, United States
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#3 Gilbert Cellars 

Things to do in Yakima

Another family-owned winery in downtown Yakima is Gilbert Cellars, best prize-winning wines, and the friendliest vibes. The tastin’ room is a bit of an old-fashioned name, but it’s a cozy, inviting place to sit down, relax, and try some delicious wines ranging from cool, crisp whites to big, bold reds.

The crew is friendly and knowledgeable, happy to share their passion for winemaking. Whether you are a wine friend or just looking for a nice place to unwind, Gilbert Cellars offers an enjoyable experience with its great wines and charming vibe.

  • Special Features- Tasting rooms, Different wines to try, and Friendly Staff. 
  • Location- 2620 Draper Rd, Yakima, WA 98903, United States
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#4 The Capitol Theatre

Things to do in Yakima

For a city of its size, Yakima has a vibrant art scene, and one of the best places to experience is downtown’s Capitol Theater.  The theater holds a variety of shows starting with the Great American musicals to classic performances, it also has rock bands performing on many occasions. 

On the other hand, an enlightening and thoughtful Speaker Series is hosted by the venue occasionally with Yakima’s top experts joining the event to share their knowledge. Similarly, the audience has a chance to dine at one of the city’s best restaurants before or after the show. 

The majority of them cook from local farm-to-table, and most that they use is from the underground source that comes from farmers in that area. It opens its doors in the early morning to serve crowds in the evening. Seeing a concert at The Capitol Theatre is one of the most pleasant things to do in Yakima. 

  • Special Features-. Historic Theatre, Classic Concerts, Rock Concerts, and the best place for shows and dining. 
  • Location- 149 Westchester Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573, United States
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#5 Yakima Greenway

Things to do in Yakima

When it comes to things to do in Yakima, exploring the Yakima Greenway is a must! This 20-mile path winds along the town’s edge from Naches to Union Gap, connecting various parks along the way. For a great starting point, head to Sarg Hubbard Park, which is also home to the Greenway Park headquarters. Here, you can find interesting spots, especially if you’re into history.

One highlight is the Merci Car, an old train car from World War I. It used to carry soldiers in France, and now one of these cars sits right here in Yakima as a thank-you gift from France to the U.S. Each state got one after the war, and Washington’s ended up here. Plus, you’ll spot monuments dedicated to local soldiers who served in 20th-century wars. 

Special Features-. Boating, Fishing, Swimming, and the best spot for Biking, Walking, and Picnicking 

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#6 Check out the Yakima River Canyon

Things to do in Yakima

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Yakima is exploring the Yakima River Canyon  This beautiful road goes between Yakima and Ellensburg and has amazing views of the desert and cliffs.

As you drive along, you’ll find some places to stop and have fun. There are four main spots: Big Pines, Roza, Umtanum, and Lmuma Creek. You can camp, and go to the river for boating, tubing, swimming, and fishing at these spots. It’s a great way to enjoy nature and have a good time outdoors. 

Special Features- wonderful Desert and Cliff Views and perfect place for Camping, fishing, swimming, and boating. 

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#7 Discover Yakima Farmers Market

Things to do in Yakima

Who does not enjoy food and handicrafts? The Yakima Farmers Markets are favorite places for all who support local farmers and craftsmen. It is seasonable and usually opens in May and ends in October. More than a hundred stands provide fresh fruits, veggies, meats, and delicious homemade items. 

One can also obtain the creative efforts of local artisans, such as woodwork, metalwork, and jewelry. Besides shopping, visitors can enjoy live music and get themselves into a festive mood. In essence, it is a perfect place to acquire local objects, support local farmers and artisans, and get the best products available. 

  • Special Features- Fresh Food and Handmade stuff, Fun vibe and Live Music Concerts  
  • Location- 15 W Yakima Ave, Yakima, WA 98901, United States
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#8 Hike the Cowiche Canyon

Things to do in Yakima

For hiking in Yakima, the Cowiche Canyon Trails provide an ideal opportunity. The paths that can be accessed here are nearly 20 miles apart, and each one is more beautiful than the last. And if hiking is not your thing, you may also ride on horseback or mountain bike through them!

Following that, the Cowiche Canyon Trackway is a 5-mile loop that takes you through swathes of wildflowers, and the edge of streams is also known as tenenpus. The Cowiche Canyon Uplands trail is also 3 miles long and allows you a better view of the one-of-a-kind shrub-steppe landscape. Water is all you need to pack – wear your hiking boots!, and get ready to explore the beauty of Yakima.

  • Special Features- Beautiful Hiking Trails, Perfect for Bikers, Hikers and Horse Riders. 
  • Location- Washington 98908, USA
  • Google Maps: Get Direction 

#9 Johnson Orchards 

Things to do in Yakima

Johnson Orchards in Yakima, Washington, is a multi-century-old family-run orchard. They cultivate a wide range of fresh, seasonal fruits all of the time. Depending on the season, you may select apples, cherries, peaches, and more. They also have a store where you may buy fresh fruit, house pies, and other locally produced goods. 

This is the ideal opportunity to experience the delicacies of Yakima while bringing home a few delectable surprises. In conclusion, if you’re wondering what things to do in Yakima, look no further than our Johnson Orchards tribute.

  • Special Features- Fresh Seasonal Fruits, Homemade pies and Delicious Treats
  • Location- 4906 Summitview Ave, Yakima, WA 98908, United States
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#10 White Pass Ski

Things to do in Yakima

If you are fond of skiing or snowboarding, then for sure you need to go to the White Pass Ski Area not so far from Yakima. It has a big ski area, lots of wide trails, and some chairs that will take you uphill. Suitable for any level from professional to one who has never stood on skis. 

The view of the mountains and Mount Rainier is simply breathtaking. You can also rent everything you need or buy skis, shoes, everything. Several restaurants will help you to have some food. So this place is also suitable for day trips and spend the whole weekend.

  • Special Features- Big ski area, Many trails, and chairlifts, Amazing views of mountains, rental gear, shops, and places to eat. 
  • Location- 48935 US-12, Naches, WA 98937, USA
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#11 Bonair Winery

Things to do in Yakima

Another cool place for wine fans is Bonair Winery, which you can find in Zillah, not too far from Yakima. It’s a lovely winery with a beautiful view of the vineyards and countryside. You can taste different wines there, like reds, whites, and roses.

The folks at Bonair Winery love what they do and are super friendly. They’re happy to tell you all about wine if you’re interested. It’s a cool spot to chill out, sip some wine, and enjoy the pretty scenery of the Yakima Valley.

  • Special Features- Taste Different Wines, Try reds, whites, and roses, and Friendly Staff.
  • Location- 500 S Bonair Rd, Zillah, WA 98953, United States
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

Where to stay in Yakima?

These are the top 3 Hotels that you should choose when you are in Yakima-

1. Hilton Garden Inn Yakima Downtown 

  • Cost: $182 Per Night
  • Location-  401 E Yakima Ave, Yakima, WA 98901, USA

Downtown resort with an American dining establishment & & lounge an interior swimming pool & & a workout area.

2. Finest Western Plus Yakima Hotel 

  • Cost:  9,913 Rs. Per Night
  • Location- 1614 N 1st St, Yakima, WA 98901, USA

It’s a straightforward resort that provides you complimentary morning meals, Wi-Fi & & indoor pool & & fitness center access.

3.The Hotel Y

  • Cost: 7,414 Rs. Per Night 
  • Location- 1700 N 1st St, Yakima, WA 98901, United States

Interestingly trendy classes and workshops coupled with comfortable resort rooms plus an outdoor pool & Wi-Fi.


Yakima has it all whether you are a shopper, adventurer, foodie, or nature lover. Whether it is just getting rid of your boredom or finding something new to do whether that is enjoying wine, outdoors or just exploring, you will find plenty here to savor. A stroll to Vineyards near The Pick, a tour of the picturesque trails, and soak up the town’s atmosphere.

Get a taste of fresh tasty local food at Yakima area restaurants, drive through the beautiful Yakima Valley, and gain insight into the rich cultural traditions of the area. It is time to fold your clothes and get on the road Westward to the city of Yakima for an exciting travel adventure.

Some FAQs 

What are the best Tourist Places to visit in Yakima?

The main tourist attractions are the Yakima Valley Museum, Yakima Greenway, The Capitol Theatre, Johnson Orchards, and many more.

What is the best thing to do in Yakima?

The best thing to do in Yakima is to visit the Yakima Valley Museum as you will get to learn lots of things there. 

Are there any Family- Family-friendly activities to do in Yakima?

Yes, there are lots of family-friendly activities such as visiting the Yakima Valley Museum, and Yakima Greenway, picking fruits at Johnsons Orchards, and riding Yakima Valley trolleys.   

What are some free and affordable things to do in Yakima as a family?

Some venues like the Yakima Greenway and the Cowiche Canyon Trail have no entrance fee making them suitable for families to visit.

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