12 Best Beautiful Rhode Island Beaches for Casual Entrances

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Discover some beautiful Rhode Island beaches. Well, despite the size of the state, Rhode Island does have some mesmerizing coastlines. This state has myriad choices for everyone with its more than 400-mile-long coastline. 

Some have soft sandy shores, and others have rocky coastlines. For every kind of beach lover, Rhode Island has them all covered. These are just some of them so take a look at them in this post along with a few other things I will share about the best Rhode Island beaches here today! 

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What is the Best Time to Visit Rhode Island Beaches?

When to visit Rhode Island beaches. The best time to visit Rhode Island beaches can be described as when you want to get sunshine and warm water to swim or sunbathe. These months fall within summer, which is the most crowded and most expensive. 

However, you can visit during the shoulder season. Rhode Island Beaches weather can make you feel hotter or cooler meaning different places may experience cooling and warming temperatures at times. In addition, in the shoulder season of spring in May, the water is too chilly and cold but experienced in the fall’s shoulder season in September and October. 

12 Best Rhode Island Beaches

Following is the list of some of the best Rhode Island Beaches- 

#1 Narragansett Town Beach

Rhode Island Beaches

Narragansett Town Beach is an iconic location in Narragansett Town as it will give you an authentic taste of what real Rhode Island beaches are like. This vast sandy beach offers magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and is a busy spot for locals and tourists during the season more than Explore Best Rhode island Beaches. 

Another thing that makes it cool is the stone wall running along its entire length, which is good for taking pictures. In addition to all these, amenities such as toilets, bathing facilities, and places where food items can be purchased have been provided at the beach to facilitate a memorable outing on the shores of Rhode Island on one sunny day! Thus if you want an awesome Rhode Island beach experience then Narragansett Town Beach is your choice! 

  • Location : 39 Boston Neck Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882, United States

#2 Watch Hill Beach 

Watch Hill, known for places like the Ocean House Hotel and Taylor Swift’s beach house, is a popular summer spot in Westerly. Since the 1800s, people have loved its big sandy beach, cute shops, and the Flying Horses Carousel where kids can “fly” as they ride.

You can eat fancy seafood on the Ocean House’s veranda or enjoy a casual meal at the Seaside Terrace. For a nice evening, walk into town for sunset drinks and dinner at the old Olympia Tea Room. Don’t miss the ice cream at St. Clair Annex, which has been around since 1887.

For a bit of nature, walk 1.5 miles from Fort Road to Napatree Point. Here, you can see birds, deer, and the remains of an old artillery battery while enjoying the outdoors.

  • Special Feature: Broad Sandy Beach, Ocean House Hotel, Flying Horses  Carousel, and A 1.5-mile walk from Fort Road. 
  • Location: Watch Hill, Westerly, RI 02891
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#3 Misquamicut State Beach 

Rhode Island Beaches

The Misquamicut State Beach provides a half-mile of pristine fine sand on the Atlantic and is ideal for parents with its gentle slope and tiny, manageable waves. The beach has changing areas, toilets, concessions, a pavilion, and shaded picnic spots. In the evenings, there are often concerts and fireworks. 

Nearby attractions include Atlantic Beach Park with its historic carousel and family rides, Bayview Fun Park with go-karts and mini-golf, and the Water Wiz water park. Each September, the beach hosts a fair and fall festival. For a great stay, consider the pet-friendly Weekapaug Inn in Westerly, which has a private beach, pond, and numerous activities.

  • Special Features: Soft Sandy Beach, Family-Friendly, Concerts, and events are organized, and nearby attractions such as Atlantic Beach Park, Bayview Fun Park, and Water Wiz of Restly. 
  • Location: 257 Atlantic Ave, Westerly, RI 02891
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#4 Easton’s Beach, Newport

Rhode Island Beaches

Newport, Rhode Island also has a super fun beach. It is a family’s dream beach! It is a huge playground with a carousel and a skatepark for older kids. However, the beach doesn’t forget about the little ones – they have a Children’s Play Area there. The Center, where new information about this world and all the marvelous creatures in the ocean lives, and you can even touch some of them.

The actual beach may have everything needed cleaning facilities, some food/drink, and, if needed, beach chairs and umbrellas if you forget it. They have a special group of beach wheelchairs available. Everyone should feel free to get out and enjoy the sand and surf.

  • Special Features: Ideal for Families, hosts educational events and programs, and close encounters with turtles, urchins, crabs, and seahorses. 
  • Location: 175 Memorial Blvd, Newport, RI 02840
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#5 Goosewing Beach, Little Compton

Rhode Island Beaches

Little Compton has Gracious Wing Beach, where you don’t want to miss all the available services. This protected area boasts a stunning mix of sandy stretches and rocky sections, all backed by impressive dunes and cliffs. It’s part of the Nature Conservancy’s Goosewing Beach Preserve, a haven for seabirds like the least tern and piping plover.

Want to learn more about this unspoiled coastal habitat? Visit the Benjamin Family Environmental Center and join a guided nature walk. Or, simply relax for a laid-back beach day on the beautiful New England shore. 

  • Special Features- Offers a stunning mix of sandy stretches and rocky areas, nature walks, and educational experiences and offers a peaceful and serene environment for beachgoers.
  • Location- Goosewing Beach Road, Little Compton, RI 02837
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#6 East Matunck Beach

Rhode Island Beaches

Among the Best Rhode Island Beaches, East Matunuck Beach is a quiet spot. There are not many parking spots, which means there are fewer people and more space for you to relax. 

The waves are calm, the water is warm and there are many seashells to pick up. Moreover, there are showers right there on the beach and sometimes morning yoga lessons. In the end, stop by Matunuck Oyster Bar to try some local seafood. In addition to local oysters and fine wines, they also have delicious dishes.

  • Special Feature- Peaceful Environment, perfect for swimming and lounging, and also offers morning yoga classes. 
  • Location- East Matunuck State Beach, 950 Succotash Road, South Kingstown, RI 02879
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#7  Crescent Beach

Rhode Island Beaches

Crescent Beach on Block Island’s east side runs two and a half miles from the Old Harbor ferry port to Clay Head. The Block Island Ferry is the only way to get here, but the trip is very worthwhile as the sands are creamy white. 

During the summer, there are also showers, restrooms, and lifeguards. Near the ferry landing, you may rent bicycles and mopeds, but be ready for uphill climbs on many roads. Block Island has around 17 miles of beaches, with Baby Beach, Surf Beach, and Mansion Beach being the top three. Finally, do not forget to visit some magnificent lighthouses.

  • Special features- enjoy showers, restrooms, and lifeguard services during the summer, and Beach boasts picturesque views of the surrounding coastline and Clay Head.
  • Location- New Shoreham, RI 02807, United States
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#8 Mohegan Bluffs Beach 

Rhode Island Beaches

Don’t care about fancy beach chairs while enjoying the wild scenery? Then Mohegan Bluffs is the place for you! It’s located on Block Island and you’ll be required to take a boat there. Mohegan Bluffs cliffs are mega tall and reach almost 150 feet offering a spectacular panoramic view of the ocean. 

There is a sandy beach below the cliffs, but getting down there is quite a challenge because one has to use a hundred forty-one steps. There would not be lots of sand on the beach anyway, but it will be the most ideal place to relax do book reading, and admire the view as you enjoy your favorite beverage. 

However, at the end of the day, you will still have to emerge at the top through the stairs – it is not gonna happen on its own. If you are a fan of an adventurous day on the shore, the Mohegan Bluffs would be great for you – one of the best beaches in Rhode Island!

  • Special Features- Stunning cliffs, an amazing landscape and ocean view, and a great spot for simple beach activities. 
  • Location- New Shoreham, RI 02807, United States
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#9 East Muntuck State Beach 

Rhode Island Beaches

Coming back to the lists of best RI beaches it is worth mentioning that East Matunuck State Beach, Rhode Island is one of the best Rhode Island beaches. Thus, it is famous for its soft sandy beaches and great swimming conditions. The beach provides amenities such as a new pavilion that has restrooms, showers, food concessionaires, buffet stands for picnicking, a large barbeque area, and areas with shades. 

It has predictable swell making it ideal for surfing and boogie boarding. There is always the presence of a lifeguard to ensure that nobody drowns in the water. It may have enough parking spaces but on busy days the park fills up quickly with cars. Enjoy beautiful views of Block Island Sound and visit the nearby fishing village of Galilee for fresh seafood and local charm.’

  • Special Features- A big beach with wide sandy shores, plenty of places to play frisbee and volleyball, and drinks and snacks shops nearby the beach.
  • Location-  950 Succotash Rd, South Kingstown, RI 02881
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#10 Dunes Park Beach

Rhode Island Beaches

Dunes Park Beach is one of the best Rhode Island beaches where you can find solitude away from crowds. There is no hustle or bustle on this kind of beach; there aren’t too many people that come here either! Families love it here, especially for sandcastle building as well as exploring dunes close by. 

Sometimes seals bask on these shores! This means you need to pack lightly because there are no trash cans at this beach so everything goes back home with you to maintain its cleanliness. Dunes Park Beach is perfect for a nature-centric day at the beach in Rhode Island.

  • Special Features- Family- Friendly Beach, Peaceful environment, and wildlife sightseeing. 
  • Location- 665 Atlantic Avenue, Westerly, RI 02891
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#11 Blue Shutters Town Beach

Rhode Island Beaches

Rhode Island itself may be tiny but has lots of beaches! It has been nicknamed “Ocean State” due to its 400 miles of coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Narragansett Bay. In Rhode Island, wherever you are, you are close to the ocean.

Those who intend to visit state-run beaches regularly can consider purchasing a season pass for car parking. Whether or not one lives in Rhode Island it is possible to buy it online. It operates at all seven state beaches Misquamicut State Beach and East Matunuck State Beach as well as Roger W.Wheeler State Beach among others which are popular

  • Special Features- Picture- Perfect place, Wildlife encounter, Less Crowded, and Enjoy spectacular views of Block Island Sound from the beach. 
  • Location- 469 E Beach Rd, Charlestown, RI 02813
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#12 Roger Wheel State Beach 

Rhode Island Beaches

Roger Wheeler State Beach is a large and kid-friendly beach in Rhode Island where kids can swim safely because the water is calm. Other amenities include; bathrooms, parking spaces at a cost, and readily available food. 

With its length and breadth, you would always find space even on crowded days. However, be cautious of seagulls that may go for your meal! Nevertheless, many people enjoy watching the sunset here because parking becomes free after 6 pm. This is an ideal place to have a classic beach day with everything nearby that you might need. 

  • Special Features- Ideal for Families with young kids, provides facilities like parking, restrooms, and charging, and offers a scenic environment. 
  • Location- Narragansett, RI 02882
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

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Rhode Island is home to beaches that are suitable for swimming, surfing, sunbathing or just taking leisurely walks in the sand. For the adventurous one, there is always something to explore, and for the family, there is no time to be bored. Families can also plan to relax by the park and picnic area at Roger Wheeler State Beach where the waters are calm and its proximity to the beach with allocated parking space provides convenient amenities.

Before you go for the best Rhode Island beaches, ensure that you respect the environment as well as the laws that concern the beaches. This way, you will be contributing to the conservation of these stunning coastal wonders for the next generations to admire.

Some FAQs 

How many beaches does Rhode Island have? 

Rhode Island has over 100 public and private beaches along its 384-mile coastline.

Are Rhode Island beaches open year-round?

Although most Rhode Island beaches are only accessible from Memorial Day to Labor Day, some can be accessed year-round for recreational purposes such as walking and birding.

Do Rhode Island’s beaches have lifeguards? 

During the summer, many state-run beaches with lifeguards are available. However, it is always best to double-check with the beach’s ends before purchasing a house.

Are pets allowed on Rhode Island’s beaches? 

That decision depends on which beaches are willing to welcome them in seasons. Some permit them on a year-round basis, while others ask that you keep your pet on a leash and leash it at specific times.

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