8 Best Things to Do in Franklin NC Great for Everyone

Things To Do in Franklin NC
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Are you trying to find fun and exciting things to do in Franklin NC? Whatever your interests, this beautiful town has something to offer for history buffs, nature lovers, culture vultures, and thrill seekers. 

So in this blog post, we will tell you such things that you must do when you go to Franklin. The Appalachian Trail, the Nantahala National Forest, and the Mountain Waters Scenic Byway are among the most popular natural attractions in Franklin that you must visit. So Buckle up and prepare to visit the beauties of Franklin, North Carolina.

8 Best Things to Do in Franklin NC 

Following is the list of things to do in Franklin NC- 

#1 Discover the Beauty of Dry Falls 

things to do in Franklin NC

Explore the beauty of Dry Falls, visiting Dry Falls is a pleasurable experience for your eyes. You can also take stunning photos from different viewpoints and have a picnic by the waterfall.

What I liked about dry falls is that you can comfortably walk behind the dry falls without getting wet which provides quite a unique experience and the sound and surreal sight of those falls will surprise you and mesmerize you.

If you want to make your trip unforgettable then this is a must-include things to do in Franklin NC

#2 The Cherokee Ruby and Supphire Mine 

things to do in Franklin NC

The Cherokee Ruby and Sapphire Mine is a fun place for people who love gems. Here you can search for rare gems in a peaceful valley with your kids and family and the mine guarantees that all the gems you find are genuine. 

I can assure you that you will have a great time finding valuable rubies and sapphires. The mine is beautiful and provides buckets of gem ore for an exciting adventure. Here you can also know the history of these amazing Gem Discoveries that anyone would love to hear. 

If you like gemstones or want to give a gift to someone special, then there are many shops where you can buy unique jewelry pieces made from local gemstones.

#3 Hiking the Appalachian Trail

things to do in Franklin NC

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is one of the special and adventurous things to do in Franklin NC where you get a chance to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature. While walking on the path here, you will see many such areas and landscapes which will make your trip fun and interesting as you will feel connected to that environment as you move forward. 

It doesn’t matter if you do a little or a lot of hiking, the Appalachian Trail will give you a memorable trip through amazing wilderness.

#4 Lazy Hiker Brewing Company 

things to do in Franklin NC

Lazy Hiker Brewing Company is a wonderful site in Franklin that is famous for brews such as Phillips Stout and Blueberry Elderberry Cider. His brew art and cider expertise have made him a point of concern among local and outside audiences. Furthermore, the average ratings of their web room times and bears also belie their high local tradition. 

If you want to enjoy the local brew scene, Lazy Hiker Brewing Company can be a decadent and delicious option.

#5 The Factory, Franklin 

Things to do in Franklin NC

Franklin’s The Factory is a special place in Tennessee that not everyone knows about. When you go inside, you’ll see lots of great shops, delicious food, and fun shows.

The building really looks spectacular and is great for taking photos. You can find unique things to buy, eat delicious food, and listen to music outside. It’s a great place for everyone to enjoy and a must-see for anyone living nearby or visiting. This factory is a perfect example of Southern charm and friendliness. The Factory is one of the funniest things to do in Franklin NC

#6 Explore the Scottish Tartan Museum 

Things to do in Franklin NC

There is an interesting museum called the Scottish Tartan Museum in the city of Franklin, North Carolina. It has lots of great things about Scotland like tartan patterns, kilts, and vintage items. You can learn about Scottish history and see how they made their clothes.

The museum has things you can touch and nice people who can teach you more. If you like Scotland or learning about the past this is a great place to visit the best things to do in Franklin NC. You’ll feel happier and learn more about Scotland.

#7 Vayah Bald Lookout Tower

Things to do in Franklin NC

Vayah Bald Lookout Tower in Franklin, North Carolina is situated at the height of the Appalachian Mountains and gives you a spectacular view of the natural beauty all around. 

It is a refreshing walk up to the tower which will take you amidst lush green forests and peaceful fields. Once you reach the top, you will be amazed at the breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys below. This is a great place for those who love nature, taking photographs, or simply enjoying the piece of the outdoors. 

#8 Little Tennessee River Greenway in Franklin NC

Things to do in Franklin NC

The Little Tennessee River Greenway in Franklin is a peaceful place where you can take a walk, ride your bike, or have a picnic with your family. The greenway runs along the beautiful river and is filled with trees, birds, and the calming sound of water. 

It is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. The trails are well-maintained, the scenery is stunning, and you might even spot some animals while you’re there. The Greenway is a special place in best things to do in Franklin NC that nature lovers should visit.

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In Franklin, North Carolina, there are plenty of beautiful places to see nature. You can go on a walk through the forests and see beautiful waterfalls and lookout towers. It is really peaceful and wonderful place and you can feel connected to the mountains. best things to do in Franklin NC has a lot of interesting history and culture to learn about. 

You can visit the Scottish Tartan Museum to learn about the city’s connection with Scotland and see the fancy plaid patterns. You can visit the U.S. to show respect and appreciation to the brave soldiers who defend the country.

The most fun things to do in Franklin NC are to enjoy the beautiful nature, learn about its interesting history, and make friends with the kind people who live there. I hope this blog helped you find the best things to do in Franklin NC.

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What are the Family Friendly activities you can do in Franklin?

There are plenty of family-friendly activities that you can do in Frankiln such as Gem Minning, exploring museums, and hiking the Appalachian Trail. 

What is the Best time to visit Franklin NC?

The best time to visit Franklin, NC depends largely on your preferences and the activities that interest you. However, many visitors find that the spring and fall seasons offer the most pleasant weather and ideal conditions for outdoor activities.

Where can you find the best dining options for experiencing local cuisine in Franklin?

Some of the best dining options for experiencing local cuisine in Franklin include Cafe Rel, Caffe, Rel’s Thai food, The Bowery, Frog Town Market, and the Chef’s Table at Dorothy’s.

What are the main attractions to Visit in Franklyn?

There are plenty of amazing places to visit in Franklin such as Vayah Bald Lookout Tower, The Factory, Lazy Hiker Brewing Company, dry Falls, and more. 

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