Smoking Areas At Denver Airport – Exact Location, Policies, Map

Smoking Areas At Denver Airport
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Smoking Areas At Denver Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the United States. There are many things to do inside the airport such as eating at restaurants, shopping, and viewing great art. The airport is good at making sure everything runs smoothly and has really modern and cool things. 

This airport also allows smokers to smoke cigarettes and they can smoke cigarettes as long as they want and both inbound and outbound passengers, this place is open to all.

In this Blog Post we will share everything about Smoking areas at Denver Airport including designated smoking areas at Denver Airport, policies for smoking, where can you purchase it, and many more

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About Smoking Areas at Denver Airport 

Having a reserved smoking area within the premises can be a big relief to those who are staying at Denver International Airport (DEN). To enable them to smoke, there are designated outdoor areas at the airport where smokers will be able to enjoy their habit. 

If one wants to have a quick puff after or before a journey then one can relax at these well-established smoking spots outside each terminal at the airport. Going out seems disruptive; However, keeping these spaces open-air ensures compliance with state regulations and keeps the indoor space free of tobacco smoke. 

This blog will present approved smoking places in Denver Airport that anyone looking for a break from their trip should refer to.

Designated Smoking Areas at Denver Airport

These are the Designated Smoking areas at Denver Airport where travelers can smoke without any hesitation- 

Concourse A: This concourse is split into two sections for smoking, one at each end of the hall. The first one is found on Level 2 near entrance A51 whereas the other one is located next to gate A71 on Level 3. Both have ventilators and areas with seats inside air-conditioned salons.

Concourse B: This concourse also consists of two smoking sections located at opposite ends. First, we have one situated on Level 2 close to gate B24 while another one can be found adjacent to gate B90 on Level 3. The ones in Concourse A are similar to what they have.

Concourse C: There is only one smoking spot that is situated on level 2 near gate C49. Also, it has a covered lounge furnished with chairs and ventilation.

Jeppesen Terminal: On the western side outside door six hundred (600) of the terminal building there exists a designated place for smoking. It’s an open-air patio tagged by ashtrays and benches.

These are the Smoking areas at Denver Airport.

Smoking Ares at Denver Airport- Smoking Policies-

Following are the Smoking Policies at Denver Airport which everyone should follow  

  • There is a rule that no one can smoke inside Denver Airport. Hence, smoking is not allowed inside any hotel or restaurant either.
  • Also, it is illegal to smoke within 25 feet of all building entryways under state law.
  • Approved areas for smokers at Denver Airport are situated outside the terminals.
  • As such, it discourages indoor smoking and curbs the harmful effects of smoking on non-smoking passengers as well as fits with other public health initiatives currently underway across the globe designed to serve broader public purposes
  • Moreover, Denver Airport’s policy in respect of smoking seeks to achieve an equilibrium between ensuring that smokers have their needs met while safeguarding the welfare and peace of mind of people who do not indulge in this habit which makes it safe and comfortable for all travelers.

Can you purchase cigarettes at Denver Airport?

Yes, you can buy cigarettes at Denver Airport. In all airport terminals such as convenience stores, newsstands, and duty-free shops tobacco products including cigarettes are being sold. Most often, they offer different brands of cigarette packs and sometimes some additional smoking paraphernalia like rolling paper or lighter could also be available.

Just keep in mind that Denver Airport prohibits smoking indoors, including in stores. Therefore, if you buy cigarettes, you will not be able to use them unless you are outside the terminals in approved smoking places. Additionally, be sure to follow any age limits or guidelines for purchasing tobacco products, as these may vary depending on municipal laws and airport policies.

Alternatives to Smoking at Denver Airport

In Denver International Airport (DEN), there are several ways that can help one to evade smoking and relax without a cigarette: 

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT): Think about using nicotine gum, patches or lozenges for relieving cravings and managing withdrawal symptoms. These things that you can purchase even without prescription will make smoking less desirable and the coming time when you’ll be in an airplane.
  • Smoking Cessation Resources: Discover what resources exist regarding quitting smoking such as counseling sessions, support groups and online programs. 

In most of the airports like Denver airport, they provide information on how to quit smoking while on their premises for a healthier living.

  • Relaxation Techniques: Inhale slowly, meditate or do some stretching exercises to manage anxiety and nicotine withdrawal while traveling.

These techniques are aimed at improving general body wellness hence; they are a better way of dealing with nicotine withdrawal than substituting it with other harmful substances.

  • Stay Hydrated and Snack Smart: To avoid getting tired easily during your journey take a lot of water and fruits which will keep off your cravings. Carry with you nutritious snacks like vegetables, nuts or any other healthy food that is going to fuel your body until the desire for smoking goes away.
  • Stay Active: Use the airport’s walkways or whichever provided facilities.

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In conclusion, Denver Airport has special places for people to smoke outside. But it’s important for smokers to follow the rules about where they can smoke. These special areas are good for smokers to take a break without breaking the no-smoking rules inside. 

However, smokers should also think about other ways to deal with their cravings and be respectful to people who don’t smoke. Trying things like chewing gum or doing something fun can help smokers feel better without smoking. Whether using the smoking areas or finding different ways to deal with cravings, travelers can find ways to make everyone happy at Denver Airport.

In this Blog, we talked about Smoking Areas at Denver Airport and I hope that you find it helpful. 

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Is smoking allowed at Denver Airport?

Yes, smoking is banned inside Denver Airport such as terminals, lounges and restaurants or other enclosed spaces. Moreover, no smoking is allowed within 25 feet of any entrance to a building.

Can travellers bring their own cigarettes to the airport?

Yes, travelers can carry their own cigarettes to the airport but they must follow its smoking policies and use designated areas outside in the terminals for that purpose.

Are there specified smoking areas at Denver Airport?

Yes, Denver International Airport has assigned spots for smokers just outside every terminal from which they can smoke.

What should one do with cigarette butts in the smoking areas?

To keep them clean and conserve nature, travelers are advised to put out their cigarette butts properly in marked receptacles placed around these places.

Can travellers bring their own cigarettes to the airport?

Yes, travelers can carry their own cigarettes to the airport but they must follow its smoking policies and use designated areas outside in the terminals for that purpose.

Are there specified smoking areas at Denver Airport?

Yes, Denver International Airport has assigned spots for smokers just outside every terminal from which they can smoke.

Ques- Where are the places where people can smoke situated?

Ans- For easy accessibility by those who are leaving and coming into an airport, these places are usually found outside each terminal building near main entrances or exits.

Will you be punished if you are caught smoking in an undesignated area?

Yes,  If you are caught smoking in the wrong place at the Denver airport, you might get in trouble and have to pay a fine. You may also have to put out your cigarette or leave the airport.

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