Charlotte Airport (CLT) Smoking Area with Map in 2024

Charlotte Airport
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As a smoker or vaper passing through Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), you might be wondering where the designated smoking area or vaping area is at Charleston Airport. In times of stress or boredom, smoking is a common habit. And you might be curious to know about the places where you can find smoking areas at Charlotte Airport. For many people, vaping and smoking provide solace during stressful times when boarding a flight or traveling, or during long layovers.

Provide you with comprehensive details about smoking areas at Charlotte Airport, airport smoking rules, and alternative smoking options you can explore.

List of Charlotte Airport (CLT) Smoking Area with Map in 2024

1. Introduction to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) Smoking Area

Charlotte Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), the second-largest hub for American Airlines and the 11th busiest airport in the United States, welcomes over 50 million passengers annually. Situated in Charlotte, North Carolina, a city celebrated for its cultural tapestry, lively nightlife, and storied past, CLT connects travelers to more than 170 domestic and international destinations. 

Amidst its array of amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, charging stations, dining options, shops, art displays, and lounges, smokers might wonder if the airport accommodates their needs with designated smoking areas where they can indulge without inconveniencing others.

2. Charlotte Airport Smoking Area

Charlotte Airport

Charlotte Airport offers smokers a single designated area for indulging their habit, situated outside the terminal on the upper level near the west end of the building. This spot, marked clearly with signage and equipped with ashtrays, stands as the sole permissible smoking zone within the airport premises. 

Open around the clock, the area lacks covering or enclosure, leaving smokers exposed to the elements—be it rain, wind, or heat. Moreover, users must adhere to a 100-foot distance mandate from terminal entrances/exits, air intake vents, and fueling zones.

3. Smoking at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) Policies and Fine

Charlotte Airport

Smoking at CLT is a dance between airport regulations and local laws. While North Carolina’s Smoke-Free Law bars smoking in enclosed public spaces, including airports, Charleston Airport takes it a step further, banning smoking even in rental cars and shuttle buses. Straying from these rules could leave you with a $50 bill to settle.

CLT itself maintains a strict no-smoking policy throughout its premises, save for the solitary designated area outside the terminal. This rule isn’t just about traditional cigarettes; it extends to e-cigarettes, vaping gadgets, and anything else puffing out smoke or vapour. So, if you’re craving a smoke or a vape at Charleston Airport, you’ll need to trek to the designated outdoor spot. Ignoring these guidelines might see you escorted out or facing legal consequences.

4. Can you buy cigarettes at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)?

Charlotte Airport

For those in need of a cigarette fix or who left their smokes behind, fear not! Charlotte Airport has you covered, albeit in one specific spot. Head over to The Local Market shop in Concourse D near Gate D13, where you can snag not only local goodies like snacks, drinks, and souvenirs but also your beloved tobacco products. Just keep in mind that state and local taxes might give your smokes a bit of a price bump compared to what you’re used to paying.

5. Official Website of Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

Charlotte Airport

To delve deeper into all things Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), simply hop onto their official website. There, you’ll uncover a wealth of information spanning flight schedules, parking choices, ground transportation details, security checkpoints, dining and shopping offerings, and much more. Should you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the airport directly at (704) 359-4013 or via email at

Official Website of Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT):

FAQs on Charlotte Airport Smoking Area

Smoking Areas Available at Charlotte Airport?

Yes, Charlotte Airport (CLT) has designated smoking areas for passengers and visitors.

Where Can I Find the Smoking Areas at Charlotte Airport?

The smoking areas at Charlotte Douglas International Airport are located outside the terminals, before security checkpoints.

Do I Need to Exit the Charlotte Airport to Access the Smoking Areas?

– No, the smoking areas are situated just outside the terminals, accessible without leaving the airport.

What Guidelines Should I Follow in the Smoking Areas at Charlotte Airport?

– Adhere to local smoking regulations, such as age restrictions and proper disposal of cigarette butts.

– Be considerate of others and avoid smoking near non-smokers or in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Can I Smoke Inside the Terminal or on the Airplanes?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the airport terminals and on airplanes. These areas are smoke-free to ensure the health and safety of all passengers.

Are There Designated Smoking Areas for E-Cigarettes at Charlotte Airport?

No, there are no specific designated smoking areas for e-cigarettes at Charlotte Airport. However, it’s essential to adhere to the airport’s smoke-free policy in all indoor spaces, including e-cigarettes.

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