7 Best Things to do in Clarksville in 2024

Things to do in Clarksville in 2024
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The capital city of Tennessee state located in the United States of America, is a town which is known for giving exciting surprises to its visitors and travelers. Clarksville is a place that is filled with abundant varieties and a vibrant environment. If you are looking to spend some quality days with your loved ones, Clarksville because once you land here, you will walk through unique and beautiful storytelling that the town holds in terms of its rich history, adventurous hotspots, vibrant culture, and much more.

Spending holidays in Clarksville provides a unique experience to every traveler who wants to explore nature and its beauty with peaceful surroundings.

If you are looking for some memorable life experiences along with action-packed activities then we are here to provide you with information on the best things to do in Clarksville. Sit Relax and go through the article to know more about enjoying holidays in Things to do in Clarksville.

Amazing things to do in Clarksville

1. Clarksville City Arboretum

Things to do in Clarksville

For nature lovers who want to seek peaceful moments away from the hustles of metropolitan cities, this place is already being proven as not less than heaven. Things to do in Clarksville City Arboretum contains a wide variety of trees and botanical species maintained by the Forestry division of the town. Clarksville has been known as “Tree City USA” for more than 30 years. It has several sight view places, rest rooms and sitting benches. The arboretum is located along the Cumberland River at 1188 Cumberland Drive.

2. Roxy Theatre

Things to do in Clarksville

Another reason for celebrating holidays in Clarksville is this place, Roxy Theatre! It is located in the downtown section of Clarksville which showcases live theater dramas based on a variety of literary works. Roxy Theater is often used for photoshoots, making documentaries, music videos, etc.

The most renowned Grammy award-winning poetic song, All I Wanna Do, sung by Sheryl Crow was filmed in the theater. It has now become a stage for eclectic mixes from musicals to children’s shows. It also cultivates future talents through classes, workshops, and internships.

3. Dunbar Cave State Park

Things to do in Clarksville

One of the best things to do in Clarksville is to explore Dunbar Cave State Park which is the largest cave in Montgomery County representing the significant archeological values. The cave is surrounded by an upland hardwood forest is Things to do in Clarksville.

It provides constant stream flow and natural air conditioning to travelers, hence gives relaxation to them physically and mentally. It is also a habitat of several aquatic animals like fish, turtles, water algae, and rare wild animals including gray bats, crayfish, cavefish, etc.

4. Swirlz Art Studio

Best Things to do in Clarksville

If you are creative and enthusiastic to move the pen of your imagination on life’s canvas then you are most welcome in the Swirlz Art Studio which promotes creative travelers to draw their thoughts and unspoken feelings in the form of art under the expert guidance of the instructors.

This studio can set your mood to explore many more things to do in Clarksville be it any special occasion like a birthday celebration or romantic date, the studio tour is able to make your day by exposing you to peaceful and joyful surroundings.

5. Miss Lucille’s

Things to do in Clarksville

Whether you are running out of groceries and goods or want to satisfy your taste buds, Miss Lucille’s is an all-in-one place in the whole Clarksville town which not only serves as a shopping hub but also gratifies hunger instantaneously. This is considered the favorite tourist hotspot among international travelers because of the hospitality and guest-warming attitude of the staff.

Miss Lucille’s offers a cup of coffee or signature drink as you make entry into it which makes this place special and wonderful Things to do in Clarksville. Here, you will find the presence of more than 200 vendors selling home goods, antiques, apparel, etc.

Now you have easily understood why travelers prioritize Miss Lucille’s during their holidays in Clarksville.

6. The City Forum

Things to do in Clarksville

The City Forum is home to various adventurous family entertainment centers at 120,000 square feet that feature high-speed go-karts, a bowling zone, a mini golf center, 60+ arcade games, a family open-air restaurant, etc. Best Things to Do in Clarksville The city forum is known for giving endless reasons for amusement and extracurricular activities during holidays in Clarksville.

If you are looking to celebrate a birthday or marriage anniversary or adventure romantic dates then this place is more than heaven for you as it is situated very near to Miss Lucille’s, thereby providing the destinations for both fun-loving and relaxation-seeking travelers at one zone.

7.  Fort Defiance Civil War Park and Interpretive Center

7 Best Things to do in Clarksville

If you are eager to know more about the pivotal period in American history, then we would recommend you to have a visit to this park during your holidays in Clarksville. The park entails the role that it played during the Civil War and showcases a glimpse of the bravery and courage that soldiers who once stood there carry to protect the town.

Along with that, the park features enchanted landscapes, greenery, and walking trails reflecting the story of the great patriots. This place is considered one of the vibrant tourist hotspots in Things to Do in Clarksville.


To conclude, travelers can enjoy a wide variety of activities and tourist hotspots in Clarksville. This dynamic city offers something for everyone, whether you want to explore its rich history, go on outdoor activities, taste the local food, or attend cultural events. Discovering the vibrant and multicultural atmosphere of Things to do in Clarksville will give the life fulfilling experience that you would share with everyone whom you meet.

Best Things to do in Clarksville Amazing parks, studios, an amusement arena, a shopping area, and cave parks enrich the holidays in Clarksville with enduring memories. So prepare for the journey to explore the things to do in Clarksville and embark on your endless journey filled with adventure, fantasies, and joy.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is Clarksville known as the “Tree City” of the USA?

The reason behind this is in honor of the commitment made by the town administration and its people to urban forest development and safeguarding ecology.

What is the closest airport to Clarksville?

The closest airport to Clarksville, Tennessee is Nashville International Airport. This airport is in Nashville, Tennessee, and is 55 miles from the center of Clarksville, TN.

How can I commute within the Clarksville town?

The major portion of the Clarksville town is covered by Transit bus services. You can commute within the city by bus at a very nominal cost of $1.25

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