Discover 12 Best Things to Do in Montgomery Activities

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Welcome to Montgomery, a place that combines culture, history, and southern charm making an unforgettable stay! From visiting Civil Rights landmarks which are iconic and taking part in delicious Southern recipes, Montgomery is filled with a wealth of activities for any traveler. It’s time to go on a journey full of vibrant festivals, outdoor adventures, and hidden gems waiting to be found.

For all history lovers, food enthusiasts, or wild nature gurus there is something special to be found out in Montgomery. Let’s discover the top things to do in Montgomery and carve memories worth lasting forever!

The Best Time to Visit Montgomery

The Best time for visiting Montgomery is usually Spring and Fall which offer good temperatures and beautiful scenery. In Spring, you will see flowers everywhere while in Falls you can’t miss watching the colorful leaves which are perfect for such outdoor activities as roaming around and music festivals. 

Despite this, summer remains the best time with many open-air events such as concerts that may appeal to water sports fans. However, winter is mild but some outdoor parks may have reduced hours but there are still indoor alternatives like museum trips.

Ultimately, whether one chooses to bask in nature during spring or fall or indulge in cultural experiences during summer or winter, the decision about visit timing should be made based on personal taste.

12 Best and Exciting Things to Do in Montgomery

Following is the list of the best things to do in Montgomery that you must do when you visit it. 

#1 Visit to Montgomery Zoo: Main Tourist Attraction

One of the best things to do in Montgomery, Alabama, is to visit the Montgomery Zoo, located only 10 minutes southeast of downtown. The family-friendly attraction spans a massive 40 acres and houses over 700 animals from five continents. It is an opportunity for visitors to view animals naturally since the enclosures are barrier-free, allowing people to go as close as possible to the exhibits.

Other major attractions in the zoo are the Zoofari Skylift, through which great aerial views can be got; Giraffe Encounter, where one can come almost eye to eye with the towering giraffe; Petting Zoo, where guaranteed hands-on fun for kids is present; and multicolored Parakeet Cove—which all belong to parakeet species but in different shades. A memorable educational adventure awaits you at the Montgomery Zoo.

  • Special Features- Amazing Views, Close Encounters with the Animals, and The Chance to Make Friends with Playful Animals.
  • Address – 2301 Coliseum Parkway, Montgomery, AL 36110
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#2 Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Mall

If you are in Montgomery and looking for exciting things to do? Find your way over to the Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Mall! It’s filled with 60,000 square feet of space and over 300 dealers—lots of memories are packed into this mall. 

Eastbrook Flea Market is such a nice place for a stroll down memory lane, just looking at all the great decors one had in the home years ago. They have been in business for a little under 26 years, with three levels hosting unique and vintage items: collectibles, antiques, furniture, comic books, albums, glassware, oil paintings, and much, much more. Here you will surely find something for your home, whether old or new.

  • Special Features- 3 floors of antiques, 150+ vendors, yummy treats, and events.
  • Address – 425 Coliseum Boulevard, Montgomery, AL 36109-2713
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#3 Try a Variety of Cuisines

One of the best things to do in Montgomery is explore a variety of food Enjoy the tasty barbecue, farm-to-fresh food, tasting seafood, and tasty treats. Imagine mouthwatering barbecue under the Alabama sky with flavors from recipes handed down through generations. 

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood, including staple catfish and shrimp, brought fresh from the nearby Alabama River, are present around the city. Dining in Montgomery is a lot of fun with people, music, and atmosphere; it has a wondrous dining experience between the cozy local spots, and the elegant restaurants—all coming together to form the heart of Montgomery with amazing tastes. Enjoy each bite and make memories with it.

#4 Visit the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

A must-visit place in Montgomery is the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. This historical and venerable museum features a permanent collection of American art: painting, drawing, watercolor, etching, woodcutting, and engraving, made from the 18th century to contemporary works.

The museum also has regional and self-taught works combined with large collections of quilts. There is no other place to visit in Montgomery for lovely art that visually portrays the rich artistic heritage in town. 

  • Special Features- A special hands-on gallery for kids, a beautiful sculpture garden, and a yummy cafe.
  • Location- One Museum Drive, Montgomery, AL 36117-4600 US
  • Google Maps: Get Direction
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#5 Be a Visitor to the Rosa Parks Museum

One of the most important things to do in Montgomery is a visit to the Rosa Parks Museum. It’s an adventure back to the 1950s that discovers Rosa Parks, one of the most important figures in American history, who refused to give up her seat on a bus, igniting the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The telling of this brave Civil Rights activist’s story informs the horrors of segregation and racism in the South and the power of nonviolent protest.

A place to learn more about what legacy people left behind in their fight for freedom and get inspired by such valor and determination.

  • Special Features- Interactive exhibitions, Rosa Parks’ bus replica, and the opportunity to learn about space at the Rosa Parks Museum.
  • Address- 252 Montgomery Street, Montgomery, AL 36104-3526 US
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#6 Experience Downtown Riverfront Park for the Day

One of the most memorable things to do in Montgomery is spend a day at Downtown River. Have a great day in the city at Riverfront Park. This downtown city park is perfect for a lunch walk or family picnic.

And there is more than this to entertain you now! Children will find a lovely splash pad that will cool them on a hot day, and you can even take a cruise down the Alabama River for some water-bound sightseeing.

For even more fun, head to Riverwalk Stadium, home of the Montgomery Biscuits minor league baseball team. If you get the chance, try to catch a game or concert here; it’s one of the best ways possible to get the most out of your time down at Riverfront Park.

  • Special Features- Ice skating, roller skating, shows, and Skyriding. See awesome waterfalls and learn about history.
  • Address- Riverfront Park, 355 Commerce St, Montgomery, AL 36104, United States
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#7 The Hank William Museum 

If, in your lifetime, you ever happen to visit Montgomery, do not miss the chance to step inside The Hank Williams Museum. It is as good as Hollywood for an old-time country singer; see everything related to Hank Williams, the superstar of the ’40s and ’50s, whose songs made the listeners feel with their bleeding hearts before his tragic death at the age of 29.

Inside, you’ll also find all kinds of neat things that belonged to Hank. There’s his famous baby-blue Cadillac, his guitars – even his first cowboy boots! And don’t forget to peek at his. 

  • Special Features- Take a close look at William’s legacy, Interactive music exhibitions, and See a replica of his childhood home. 
  • Address- 118 Commerce Street, Montgomery, AL 36104 US
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#8 The Civil Rights Memorial Center 

There’s a lot of fun stuff in there—in a very cool, groovy way, it’s getting even closer to the man behind that music. Live the Civil Rights Movement at the Civil Rights Memorial Center Learn about the Civil Rights Movement and its rich history at the Civil Rights Memorial Center, under 20 miles away from Kick Back Ranch. 

This Center memorializes the heroism and sacrifice of that era through many experiences that paint vividly the struggle and triumphs. The core of this center is a spark to reflection and education, an inspiration for dialogue and action against discrimination. 

Experience it, learn it, and what you will take with you is a much deeper understanding of one of the most important chapters in American history.

  • Special Features- Powerful water memorial, in-depth Rosa Parks exhibits, and educational displays that bring the movement’s history to life.
  • Address- 400 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104-4344 US
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#9 Blount Cultural Park

One of the most wonderful things to do in Montgomery for couples is walking together hand in hand at the Blount Cultural Park. The calming ponds and beautiful nature walkways as well as the Lush green decorative landscape make it a perfect place to take leisurely walks with your partner. 

Equally, you can think of carrying a picnic and having a romantic dinner or lunch near or at the waterfront. Also in the park is The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts which has various art exhibitions that you can explore as a couple. You will definitely create memorable moments just by looking at the paintings or walking amidst this park’s beauty.

  • Special Features- Shakespearean theater, world-class art, a dog park, scenic trails, and peaceful ponds.
  • Address- 1 Festival Dr, Montgomery, AL 36117, United States
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#10 Visit Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church

Whenever you happen to be visiting Montgomery, and would like to learn more about its rich history, I strongly suggest that you should visit Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church. It is an extraordinary place where you can find out about the Civil Rights Movement and the amazing heritage of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. 

Moreover, being inside this historic church alone will let you know where Dr King preached from and feel how powerful it was then. This is something that will linger in your mind well after leaving Montgomery; thus, worth incorporating it into your schedule!

  • Special Features– Get to learn the history of Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church
  • Address- 454 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104, USA 
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#11 Sip-n-Cycle Peddle Cruise in Montgomery

If you are Looking for exhilarating things to do in Montgomery? Do you want to have a great time with your friends, drinking your favorite drinks while peddling through the city? 

It is like a mobile party on wheels that combines sightseeing, enjoyment, and exercise. So get all your crew together, drink in hand, and start this one-of-a-kind experience in Montgomery. Sip, cycle, and create everlasting memories when exploring the city in style!”

  • Special Features- Lets your party on the Water, Amazing Sightseeing, and BYOB fun.
  • Address- Riverfront Park, 355 Commerce St, Montgomery, AL 36104, USA
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

#12 W.A. Gayle Planetarium

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Montgomery with Kids. It’s an awesome way for children to learn about space through interaction and playfulness. From mind-blowing star shows to interactive exhibits, there’s something for everyone. Kids can have lots of fun with their families enjoying themselves while expanding their knowledge about astronomy and science.

It is an educational entertainment that will awaken curiosity as well as awe in children of any age. So get all your crew together for this cosmic trip around Montgomery.

  • Special Features- Star Shows, Interactive Exhibitions, Educational Programmes, and Astronomy Events. 
  • Address- 1010 Forest Avenue Montgomery, AL 36106, USA
  • Google Maps: Get Direction

Where to stay in Montgomery?

And now here are three hotels in Montgomery Alabama that stand out among all of them:

#1 Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa at the Convention Center 

  • Price: $426 per night
  • Location: 201 Tallapoosa Street, Montgomery, AL 36104, USA

Fancy Hotel offers a spa & dining plus 32 meeting rooms and a rooftop pool and fitness center. 

#2 Embassy Suites by Hilton Montgomery Hotel & Conference Center

    • Price: $223 per night
    • Location: 1 Tallapoosa Street, Montgomery, AL 36104, USA 

    Brilliant suites inside modern hotels have an atrium cafe along with an indoor pool as well as free morning meals. 

    #3 Drury Inn & Suites Montgomery 

    • Price: $169 per night
    • Location: 621 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104, USA

    Informal hotel featuring both indoor and outdoor pools with complementary breakfast Wi-Fi parking. 


    “Montgomery is a city full of fun and adventure! Whether you want to learn about its past, taste the South’s best flavors, or bask in its friendly atmosphere, there is always something thrilling going on around you.” 

    Take those incredible memories back home with you as your visit comes to an end. Whenever you are ready for another exciting adventure, remember Montgomery will be here waiting for you. So keep exploring and having so much fun until the next time.”

    Some FAQS

    What are some historical sites that you must visit when you come to Montgomery?

    In terms of history, Montgomery has it all. The National Memorial for Peace and Justice is located here. You shouldn’t leave without seeing Rosa Parks Library and Museum as well as Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church.

    What outdoor activities can you enjoy at Montgomery City?

    Riverfront Park offers you nice walks, picnics, or riverboat rides. Alternatively, Blount Cultural Park allows exploration or family-friendly fun at the Montgomery Zoo

    Where can you experience Montgomery’s cultural scene?

    You can experience Montgomery’s cultural scene at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and catch a show at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. 

    What are some family-friendly attractions in Montgomery?

    The Montgomery Zoo, the MOOseum, and Old Alabama Town offer interactive experiences suitable for families with children of all ages.

    Where can you enjoy Southern cuisine in Montgomery?

    Central, Dreamland BBQ and Vintage Year are popular restaurants offering delicious Southern dishes. Don’t forget to try Chris’ Hot Dogs for a taste of local history.

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