Smoking Area Orlando Airport (MCO) with Map Guide 2024

Smoking Area Orlando Airport
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If you are someone who has a habit of smoking, then you may be eager to know where you can find Smoking Area Orlando Airport and might be wasting time searching where within the complex, you can vape or cigarette. For many people, smoking provides consolation during times of stress while travelling or boarding into flight, or a lengthy layover might be the cause.

it is fundamental to acknowledge the fact that environmental concerns and health are tied to smoking, not to define discomfort it might cause sensitivity to other travelers to smoking. Consequently, airports, including Orlando, invoke specific guidelines on this matter.

In this blog, we’ll explore the Smoking Area Orlando Airport has, its related policies, and alternative solutions to consider while waiting.

Introduction to Smoking Area Orlando Airport

Smoking Area Orlando Airport

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the most hectic airport in Florida and the 10th most hectic airport in the United States, assisting over 50 million passengers annually to reach their destination. It is also the main passageway to the world-famous attractions of Orlando, such as Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and SeaWorld.

The outside smoking area Orlando Airport is the only place where you are allowed to smoke on airport grounds. Smoking is not allowed anywhere else at Orlando Airport except the smoking area Orlando Airport, including on the airside shuttle trains, inside the terminal building, at the gates, or on the planes. This is also applicable to electronic cigarettes and vaping devices or any smoking device. If you are caught smoking in a non-smoking area, you are liable to pay a fine of up to $500 for individuals and $2,000 for businesses.

Where is the designated smoking area Orlando Airport?

The smoking area Orlando Airport is not there inside the terminal building but it is outside on Level 1 (arrivals) as well as Level 3 (departures) across the street from Corridor A, B, C, and D2. There are designated smoking areas at Orlando Airport marked with signs and ashtrays where you are allowed to smoke before or after your flight. However, according to Florida law, you will have to stay at least 20 feet away from any concourse or exit of the terminal building.

Smoking Area Orlando International Airport Map

Smoking Area Orlando Airport

To assist you in finding the smoking area Orlando Airport more easily, we have created a map for you. You can see it below:

Smoking area Orlando Airport Policies

Smoking Area Orlando Airport

Smoking at Orlando International Airport is governed by the Act that is the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act (FCIAA), which prohibits smoking in most of public places and workplaces. The FCIAA also bans smoking within 20 feet of any gateway or exit of a public building. The FCIAA aims to protect the environment and the health and safety of non-smokers from the hazardous effects of secondhand smoke.

However, the FCIAA allows smoking in some designated areas of airports known as Smoking Area Orlando Airport, as long as they are open-air and away from any corridor, entrance, or exit.

The smoking area Orlando Airport meets these benchmarks, as it is located across the street from the terminal building and has signs and ashtrays. However, not all airports of Florida have smoking areas, so be sure to inquire before you travel.

Can you buy cigarettes at Orlando International Airport?

Smoking Area Orlando Airport

Yes, you can find cigarettes at the complex of Orlando International Airport. Several shops like Hudson News and Duty-Free Americas sell tobacco products at MCO. You can buy them in various locations all around the airport, including near the smoking area Orlando Airport.

However, be mindful that there is a limit on how much tobacco products you can bring into or out of the country in Florida without paying taxes or fees. For example, if you are traveling from or to the United States, you can only bring up to 100 cigars or 200 cigarettes per person.

Instagram Official Account Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Orlando Airport- Official Website

If you want to know more information about Orlando International Airport, such as flight schedules, ground transportation,parking options, services and amenities, you can get it on their official website at []. You can also download its mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, which offers features such as flight tracking, shopping, dining guides, airport maps, and more.

Alternative to Smoking area Orlando Airport 

If you are seeking an alternative to smoking area Orlando airport, consider using some nicotine replacement products, for example, patches, gums, or lozenges. These products can immensely help you reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms while traveling without smoking.

They are also safer options than cigarettes, as they do not contain hazardous chemicals or produce secondhand smoke. We hope in this blog post, you got helpful and informative facts.

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Are these airport smoking areas available 24/7?

The availability of airport smoking areas Orlando airport can vary depending on the airport and location. Some of the smoking areas are open 24 hours a day, while others might have restricted hours or are closed during certain times. It is best to enquire at the airport or visit their website for specific information regarding the smoking area’s hours of operation.

 Is smoking allowed in each airport smoking area?

Not all airport smoking areas always allow smoking. Some airports may have designated areas for particular tobacco products, say,  electronic cigarettes or vaping, or traditional smoking areas. Be sure to enquire the specific rules and regulations regarding the smoking area you plan to use.

Are these smoking areas air-conditioned or heated?

The ventilation and temperature of airport smoking areas can greatly vary. Some may be heated or air-conditioned, while others can be open-air spaces with limited protection from the elements. Be sure to enquire with the airport or visit the smoking area in advance to determine the conditions and prepare accordingly.

Are smoking areas accessible to travellers with disabilities?

Many airports have made efforts to make smoking areas accessible to travellers with disabilities also. However, the accessibility of specific smoking areas can vary greatly. Be sure to enquire with the airport or visit the smoking area in advance to determine if it is accessible and also meets your needs.

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