Top 10 Fun Things to do in Frankfort KY

Top 10 Fun Things to do in Frankfort KY
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Explore Frankfort, Kentucky has it all! This historic city is located along the Kentucky River. It has amazing art venues, vibrant cultural events, and fun outdoor things to do.

Frankfort has something that fits all requirements, from fascinating museums and art galleries to beautiful parks and local eateries. 

Come along with us as we are going to tell you about the Best things to do in Frankfort KY where every visit promises discoveries and memorable experiences. 

10 Most Excited things to do in Frankfort KY 

Following is the list of some of the Best things to do in Frankfort Ky that you must- do when you visit Frankfort. 

# 1 Have Fun at Jupiter hill Aquatic centre 

Jupiter hill Aquatic-centre

Jupiter Hill Aquatic Centre is an extraordinary spot for family fun in the water. They have a few pools, energizing water slides, a languid stream, and a sprinkle cushion for youngsters. The center also offers swimming lessons, water aerobics, and private parties from May to September. 

They offer discounts to Franklin County residents, and their prices vary. The Juniper Hill Aquatic Center is one of the best things to do in Frankfort KY for a fun family day out, whether you want to relax or have some fun in the water.

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#2 Explore Downtown Frankfort

Downtown Frankfort

With its charming streets and historic buildings, it will feel like you are transported back when you tour downtown Frankfort. You can take a scenic walk along the river, check out the boutiques and shops in the area, or stop at a cozy cafe to eat. 

Try not to miss the amazing State Legislative Hall building and the interesting Kentucky Authentic Culture Historic Center. With its friendly air and polite community charm, Downtown Frankfort is a great place to spend a day and soak up the surrounding culture.

Exploring Downtown Frankfort is one of the best things to do in Frankfort and is also a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

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#3 Visit the Kentucky Castle 

Kentucky Castle

Kentucky Castle­, located right in Versailles, is like­ something from a storybook. The delightful palace­ isn’t just somewhere to live­; it offers a truly out-of-the-ordinary expe­rience. With luxurious rooms and scrumptious cuisine, it’s an ide­al spot for unique family trips or romantic escapes. 

Fe­ast like royalty, discover the castle­’s long history or simply unwind in serene surroundings. This imaginative­ destination – Kentucky Castle – le­ts you make magical memories. Furthermore, touring the­ palace ranks among Frankfort’s top attractions and the most fun things to do in Frankfort with your kids. 

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#4 Visit Franklin Simpson Park

Franklin Simpson Park

Franklin-Simpson Park is an excellent spot to appreciate the region’s natural splendor. You’ll find a huge recreation area on the Barren River’s banks with picnic areas, biking and hiking trails, playgrounds, and more. You might spot fish, birds, and turtles along the river. 

This pleasant park has something for everybody — put together a lunch for an outing, bring your fishing gear, or only take a walk. Visiting this park is perhaps of the best thing to do in Frankfort KY which you will value for eternity. 

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#5 Go on a Bourbon History Tour

Bourbon History Tour

On the Bourbon History Tour, you can learn a lot about Kentucky’s bourbon-making history. You’ll see how bourbon is made and hear stories about its colorful past at historic distilleries. Guides who know their stuff talk about the process and the special qualities that make bourbon special.

This visit isn’t just about tasting incredible bourbon; finding out about whiskey’s social and financial effect on Kentucky is likewise an opportunity. Whether you’re a whiskey darling or simply inquisitive, the Whiskey History Visit provides an enjoyable and educational experience that best appreciates this infamous American spirit

#6 Explore the Salato Wildlife Education Center

Salato Wildlife Education Center

In Frankfort, Kentucky, the Salato Wildlife Education Center is a great place to learn about the local animals and the natural world. It has trails where you can see birds, bison, and deer on 262 acres. You can likewise meet mountain bears, wildcats, and different creatures very close. The exhibits at the center are both entertaining and educational about Kentucky’s wildlife and how to preserve it.

It’s an ideal spot for families and nature sweethearts to partake in a day outside while finding out about the significance of preservation. It is one of the most fun things to do in Frankfort and try not to botch the opportunity to investigate and associate with the untamed life at Salato.

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#7 Grab a Bite at Thirsty Turtle 

Thirsty Turtle 

The Thirsty Turtle­ attracts many folks with its impressive bee­r options and delicious pub grub. Sixty-plus beers flow from the­ taps, lots from Kentucky brewerie­s. 

Their Mushroom Swiss Burger pairs perfe­ctly with the brews, as does the­ indulgent Bourbon Bacon Burger. But tasty sandwiches, salads, and share­able appetizers also grace­ the menu. It has a luxurious, comfortable atmosphere that is great for a casual night out.

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#8 Enjoy at Cove Spring Park 

Cove Spring Park 

You can enjoy nature at Cove Spring Park in Frankfort, Kentucky, a beautiful outdoor area by the Kentucky River. There are climbing trails that take you through backwoods, past streams, and lakes so you can explore and see natural life along the way. With shaded areas, tables, and grills, it’s also a great spot for picnics with friends and family. 

Whether you need to go for a climb, have a cookout, or simply loosen up outside, Inlet Spring Park is a peaceful and grand spot to invest energy outside and partake in nature’s magnificence. 

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#9 Treat yourself at Hoggy’s 


At Hoggy’s in town, treat yourself to delicious ice cream. From classic chocolate and vanilla to original creations, this cozy ice cream shop has a wide selection of flavors to choose from. 

You can get a delicious sundae with your favorite toppings or a scoop in a cone. With its inviting climate and well-disposed staff, Hoggy’s is the wonderful spot to fulfill your sweet desires following a day out in Frankfort. 

#10 Check out the Museum 

There is a thriving arts and culture scene in Frankfort. Explore Ke­ntucky’s heritage at the Thomas D. Clark Ce­nter. This Smithsonian-affiliated museum pre­sents artifacts, documents, and multimedia e­xhibits unveiling the state’s natural history, cultural richne­ss, and renowned individuals. For contemporary art e­nthusiasts, the Kentucky Arts Cente­r beckons with captivating displays. 

They have changing art shows with pieces from local artists, including paintings, sculptures, and photos. They also offer fun events and workshops for both kids and grown-ups. It’s a great place to see some art and learn something new.


It’s not difficult to see the reason why this city is so extraordinary. Frankfort has attractions for eve­ryone – history lovers, artisans, and outdoor enthusiasts. Museums displaying mesmerizing artifacts, picturesque parks along the river banks, and winding paths through the beauty of nature await visitors.

I e­nthusiastically suggest considering Frankfort for a delightful, me­morable getaway. It’s perfe­ct for discovering new expe­riences and making cherishe­d memories with family and friends.

So in this Blog post, we talked about the Best things to do in Frankfort KY and apart from that we have also shared its top attractions, special restaurants, bars, and many more things. I hope it helped you find the best things to do in Frankfort. 


Ques- What are the top tourist attractions in Frankfort KY?

Ans- The Salato Wildlife Education Center, the Kentucky State University Campus, and the Clark Center for Kentucky History are some of the top attractions in Frankfort KY.

Ques- Are there any outdoor activities to do in Frankfort?

Ans- Yes, Frankfort offers outdoor activities like climbing along the Kentucky Stream, picnicking in nearby stops, and investigating nature trails at Bay Spring Park.

Ques- What are some family-friendly activities to do in Frankfort?

Ans- Family-friendly activities in Frankfort include visiting the Salato Wildlife Education Center, exploring the Kentucky Military History Museum, and enjoying a day at Juniper Hill Crossing. 

Ques- Can you Go Fishing in Frankfort?

Ans- Yes, you can go fishing at places like the Kentucky River and Parks like Lakeview Park. 

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