6 Places to Stay in Glacier National Park in 2024

Places to Stay in Glacier National Park
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The park is a center for cold winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, as it was ranked in the top 10 by Ski magazine. It also hosts many other adventure and action-packed sports and sporting activities like bike tours, hiking trails, stand-up paddle boarding, gear rentals, etc. The park also allows viewing of a variety of animals, especially during dawn and dusk. There are 71 species of animals in the GNP.

If you are still planning or have already made a trip to the park, wait! We are highlighting some interesting places to stay in Glacier National Park that will give you a reason to go through an exciting life experience.

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Wonderful Places to Stay in Glacier National Park

Places to stay in Glacier National Park include several lodges and hotels. However, these accommodations have their own unmatched specialties meant to provide a comfortable and soothing halt to tourists during their exploration of Glacier National Park. For example, you would find historic beauty carved on the walls of the lodges, along with separate hot and cold knobs on the sinks and no televisions or elevators. These experiences are difficult to forget, and you will find reasons to share this heritage with other upcoming visitors.

Some of the best places to stay in Glacier National Park are

 1. Apgar Village Lodge and Cabins

Places to Stay in Glacier National Park

The best place for fun-filled family activities or romantic getaways, Apgar Village Lodge and Cabins will give you a reason to splurge a few bucks for a stay. But don’t worry; This economy-friendly motel offers rooms and standalone cabins with and without a kitchen.

It is located along the bay at the southern end of Lake McDonald, providing easy access for visitors. The lodge is just 5 minutes away from the lake, which may be one of the best places to stay in Glacier National Park. The village hosts boat rentals and horse riding activities. It offers easy access to nearby eateries and the largest gift shop in Glacier National Park. This is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Glacier National Park for families.

2. The Prince of Wales Hotel

Places to Stay in Glacier National Park

This is one of the most romantic places to stay in Glacier National Park for couples. It is located very close to the US-Canadian border and covers the Canadian portion of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. It offers incredible views of Upper Waterton Lake with its Rocky Mountains and the vibrant city of Waterton. The hotel is famous for its afternoon tea service, delicious cuisine in the Royal Stewart Dining Room and cocktails in the Windsor Lounge. Couples are provided with natural, show-stopping, panoramic views that inspire romance and relaxation.

3. Grouse Mountain Lodge

Places to Stay in Glacier National Park

For outdoor adventure seekers and enthusiasts, Grouse Mountain Lodge is considered to be one of the wonderful places to stay in Glacier National Park. It is located just outside of Downtown Whitefish. It is known for its serene setting and the beautiful glacier views it offers.

The lodge contains comfortable rooms and suites, along with a restaurant, Logan’s Bar & Grill, which provides relaxation after a day spent exploring the surrounding mountain biking and hiking trails. It also provides cruiser bikes, a 24-hour fitness center, an outdoor hot tub, and an indoor pool.

4. Glacier Park Lodge

Places to Stay in Glacier National Park

Montana’s Glacier Park Lodge is one of the ideal places to stay in Glacier National Park for history buffs. Often referred to as a classic railway lodge, it was built by the Great Northern Railway almost 100 years ago.

It displays preserved architectural elements, including exposed beams, a gable roof, decorative moldings, and large picture windows. The lodge offers a beautiful array of preserved railway antiques, dining opportunities, a 9-hole golf course, and a hotel gift shop.

5. West Glacier Cabin Lodge

Places to Stay in Glacier National Park

Glacier Village is paradise and one of the ideal locations for the entrance to Glacier National Park. It offers a camp-like atmosphere, a mini-golf course, unmatched river-top adventures, a family store, a bar lounge and an ice cream parlor.

Accommodation options include two spacious motels with modern cabins with spacious kitchens and decks, as well as a fully equipped RV park that includes wonderful campsites, family-ready cabins, horseshoe pits, on-site fishing ponds, and more. Are.

6. Swiftcurrent Motor Inn

Places to Stay in Glacier National Park

Built in 1933, the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn is located one mile from Glacier National Park. It is considered one of the top places to stay in Glacier National Park for hikers. The motel features 95 cabins and motor inn rooms, Nail’s Restaurant, a full gift shop, and many activities. The motel’s rooms are divided between three separate buildings, with exterior access via a central hallway.

Private cabins are also available where a separate shower facility is conveniently located within walking distance of the cabin circle. All rooms are provided with bedsheets, towels, blankets, pillows and other basic amenities. The motel also offers laundry facilities at minimal charges.


Glacier National Park is one of the most adventurous and largest wildlife hotspots in Montana, North America, and it attracts millions of tourists annually due to the presence of vast glaciers, mountain peaks, diverse wildlife species, and of course, fun. Thrilling activities. UNESCO designated the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park as a World Heritage Site in 1995.

Exploring the park, a variety of lounges and accommodations are available, located in nearby villages. Whether you’re traveling with your friends, family, or partner, you’ll find more than enough reasons to explore the parks and accommodation destinations. These lounges and accommodation villages are equipped with modern as well as traditional motel rooms, washrooms, kitchens, cafes, restaurants, shopping store.


Is Glacier National Park in Canada or the USA?

Glacier National Park is located in northwestern Montana, USA, adjoining Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park. The two parks together comprise Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

Why is it known as Glacier Park?

It is known as Glacier Park because there are huge and active glaciers surrounding the park.

What are the entry fees to the park?

The entry fee to park is $15 per person.

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