7 Best Indoor Water Parks in Michigan For Kids in 2024

Water Parks in Michigan
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Discover the Best Water Parks in Michigan or you are visiting with your family and you want to do something exciting here Michigan is very famous for indoor water parks. These parks are exceptionally wonderful places to spend a day with your family without getting bored, they offer different types of water slides, swimming pools, Hot tubs, and many more things.

we will give you brief details about some amazing indoor water parks in Michigan and their features. These are the must-visit water parks for those who want to experience thrilling things in their life.

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List of 7 Best Indoor Water Parks in Michigan for Kids in 2024

1. Great Wolf Lodge

Water Parks in Michigan

This park is a world of Adventure that provides you non-stop fun under a roof. This water park has everything a thrill seeker would want, it has a lot of adventurous slides. 

This is well known for its wide range of attractions including eight waterslides, five unique pools, a multi-story interactive tree house, and a 1,000-gallon tipping bucket. It stays in the water, you can do many things even by staying dry outside the water.

2. Avalanche Bay indoor water park 

Water Parks in Michigan

Avalanche Bay is situated at Boyne Mountain Resort in Boyne Falls, it is one of the largest indoor water parks in Michigan, Spanning 88,000 square feet. It makes for hours and hours of family fun which contains various water thrilling slides, lazy pools, Hot tubs, and relaxing rivers, and also has a Kid’s playing area. It is also featured with a surf simulator where you and all ages of your family members can experience the thrill of riding waves.

I can assure you of one thing after coming to this water park, you will not regret choosing it even once and after coming here, you will leave with a lot of lovely memories.

3. Bavarian Inn Lodge 

Water Parks in Michigan

This resort is a unique and hidden gem of Frankenmuth and it is also known for its year-round Christmas holidays festivals. After years of expansion, there are now three indoor pools, three hot tubs, a baby pool and three exciting water slides. This hotel also includes over 150 video games and on weekends they also organize karaoke.  

There is also a gift shop on the right side of the lobby and right across the hall, they have a restaurant called Ouma Restaurant which makes German and American food. They also have a banquet and conference center area that can accommodate around 500 guests at a time.

4. Zhender’s Splash Village 

Water Parks in Michigan

Zhender’s Splash Village is divided into two sections: the Splash Park and the Atrium Park. The Splash Park contains a Play Pool, Lily Pad Crossing, a Lazy River, a hot tub, two Family tube slides named Giggling Gorge and Perilous Plunge and a play area for kids under 10 years. 

Just like the Splash Park the Atrium Park also has Hot tubs and two thrilling slides. It features 179 deluxe accommodations with rooms with queen beds and a premium bedding package that offers a more luxurious sleep experience in water parks in Michigan. Splash Universe water park would be an Ideal destination to spend your weekend with your family at water parks in Michigan.

5. Splash Universe Water Park

Water Parks in Michigan

Splash Universe water park is 25, 000 Square feet large and is filled with multiple interesting rides and water slides. You can dive into a world of adventure and enjoy scary water slides. 

This is the perfect place to make a splash and it can be a treat to yourself as well. You will have ultimate fun with your friends by enjoying rides, and delicious foods and can also make unforgettable memories. 

6. Gold Rush Indoor Water Park

Water Parks in Michigan

If you are looking to beat the heat with your family then Gold Rush Indoor Water Park is a popular destination. It will give you the experience of exciting rides and thrilling slides. This also features Crazy rivers, pools, hot tubs and many more amazing things. You can test your skills on the simulated waves and your kids will love the play area by water parks in Michigan.

You will get to see various types of water slides for all ages and apart from that they can also relax in Lazy rivers. Visitors can also take part in games, contests and other fun activities at water parks in Michigan. 

7. Holland Community Aquatic Zone

Water Parks in Michigan

If you are planning to visit an indoor water park in Michigan then Holland Community Aquatic Park is one of the most fun places and in this, you can have maximum fun for less money. This is filled with relaxing pools, lazy rivers, and exciting attractions by water parks in Michigan.

It is a great place for those who are seeking a bit of relaxation. A part from this they also offer luxurious cabanas where guests can kick back and soak up the sun. for more information, you can visit their website where they also make bookings and reservations.


In the end, it is proved that Indoor water parks in Michigan Provide Year-round entertainment and excitement for individuals and families. They offer a variety of attractions ranging from thrilling slides to relaxing lazy rivers and they also provide an Escape from unpredictable weather outside. 

Whether you are looking for some fun adventure or a day of relaxation, water parks in Michigan provide an Enjoyable Experience for all ages People. I hope this article helps you find the best destination for your vacation with your family, Friends or your Colleagues. Plan your visit today and make lasting memories at this exciting destination. 


Which is the largest water parks in Michigan?

Avalanche Bay is the Largest water park there which is 88000 square feet large. 

Are there any Indoor Water parks in Michigan For adults?

Yes there are lots of water parks for adults as well such as Great Wolf Lodge, Avalanche, Bay Bavarian Inn Lodge and many more. 

Which is the funniest Indoor water park for Adults?

As far as my research I would suggest Zhender’s Splash Village and Great Wolf Lodge water park. 

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