Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area With Map in 2024

Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area
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Explore the  Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area which is also known as Harry Reid International Airport is also one of the few airports in the United States that allows smoking indoors in specific areas. These Smoking areas can usually be found near entrances/exits to airport terminals, clearly designated by signs allowing smoking in those specific areas.

So through this article, we will give you more important information about the smoking area of Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area, such as where else you can smoke and what are the rules and regulations for smoking and much more so stay with us till the end. 

About Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area

Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area

Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area is one of the famous airports in the United States as it authorizes smokers to enjoy their routine. The airport is located approximately 5 miles south of downtown Las Vegas, making it an important gateway for domestic and international travelers visiting the famous entertainment and resort city.

Harry Reid International Airport has several talents such as information services, a children’s play area, a pet relief area, duty-free shopping and medical offices to ensure a suitable and relaxed easy travel experience for all passengers.

If you like to learn more about the Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area visit my official website of Harry Reid International Airport.

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Las Vegas Airport Smoking Zone

Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area

These are designated areas for the Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area-

Barney’s Lounge (C Gates): this lounge is situated in Terminal 1, after security at the C Gates. Smoking is now permitted with the purchase of beverages, and the lounge also offers food and slot machines.

Bud 29 Track Longe: You can find this Bar in Terminal 1 Before the security check in the Esplanade Area. Travelers can also watch their favorite movies and sports while drinking and smoking.

Enclosed Gaming Lounges: Enclosed gaming lounges at the Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area are filled with small rooms with slot machines near the gates in both terminals, which allow smoking and gambling. However, a traveler should be aware that there are no drinks or food available in these gaming lounges.

Outside Near Ticketing and Baggage Claim: The Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area has designated outdoor smoking areas near the ticketing and baggage claim areas where passengers are free to smoke. However, smoking is only allowed in these specific areas, and individuals must follow the rules to avoid penalties. For domestic passengers, there is a luggage claim on the ground level of Terminal 1, while another installation is available at Terminal 3 for both domestic and global passengers. It is important to note that smoking is not allowed in other outdoor areas outside the fixed smoking areas at the airport.

Where can you buy cigarettes at Las Vegas Airport?

Travelers can buy cigarettes before and after going through security at the Hudson News, CNBC News and Duty Free America stores at both airports but you should be aware that the price of cigarettes at the airport is much higher than the street shops and There are also restrictions on purchase restrictions.

Smoking rules and regulations at Las Vegas Airport

Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area

Following are the specific rules and regulations that one should follow while smoking- 

Indoor areas- You can smoke in Barney’s Lounge and Bud 29 Track Lounge (Esplanade) in Terminal 1. Both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 also have enclosed gaming lounges near the gates where smoking is permitted.

Outdoor Areas- Remember to stay at least 20 feet away from the airport building while smoking outdoors.

Please be aware that smoking isn’t always allowed in regions that are not specifically specified for it. This consists of restrooms, restaurants, shops, lounges, ready areas, walkways, and on airport shuttle buses or trams connecting the terminals. Failure to comply with the smoking coverage may additionally result in a first rate of as much as $one thousand or different effects.

Travelers have to additionally be privy to any limits and restrictions on bringing cigarettes to their destination.

Alternative Options to Smoking at the Las Vegas Airport (Harry Reid Intentional Airport)

Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area

If you can not get access to smoking regions, you should buy nicotine alternative products together with patches, gum, or lozenges from airport pharmacies or drug stores. It is a great idea to give up smoking for better health and a happier journey by the Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area.

Wrap Up 

All passengers need to understand the smoking policy at Las Vegas Airport Smoking Area. By using designated smoking areas and following established regulations, individuals can indulge in their smoking without facing penalties or consequences. It is important to show respect for fellow passengers and airport staff when it comes to smoking, no changes were seen in laws and regulations.

To get more detailed information, you can refer to the official website of Harry Reid International Airport or can also contact them directly.


Ques- Is it illegal to bring your own Smoking supplies?

Ans– Well it is not illegal to bring your own smoking supplies to the airport but you have to be mindful of when and where you choose to smoke. 

What is the penalty for smoking in an unspecified area?

Ans- If you are caught smoking in an unspecified area of ​​the airport, you can be legally jailed for 6 months and subject to civil fines of up to $1000.

Ques- Can you Gamble on the Las Vegas Airport?

Ans– Based on the available information it is possible to Gamble at the airport. The airport has about 1,100 Slot Machines and games which is owned and managed by Nevada Gaming Commission.

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